2015 Social Media Trends So Far

Is your Social Media marketing campaign struggling to meet your expectations? It could be that you’re paying too much attention to connectivity, and not enough to your content. That’s one of the major implications of a recent report by Simply Measured. Facebook’s organic reach has certainly diminished in the last two years, in no small part due to Facebook’s “fatwa” on overtly promotional posts in the social stream. They’ve decided that Facebook users need to see less promotional content in their news feeds, declaring that Pages “that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.”

The Trends

To help understand some of the 2015 social media trends, lets look at the Simply Measured study, which looked at 12,000 posts from 96 brands in the Interbrand 2014 Best Global Brands list, using data collected in the 1st Quarter of 2015. The study found that brands were significantly less active in the medium, posting 12% less, and with a drop in fan numbers of 3%. However engagement rose by 43.5% and posts earned more shares – up 28%. Of course these are statistical values – individual sectors, notably sporting goods brands like Nike and Adidas showing an astonishing 247% rise in engagement, together with 451% more engagement per post. Nearly as impressive was the performance of automotive brands such as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet and Ford, which saw a 37% increase in comments, together with 30% more Likes.

The Takeaways

So if the Interbrand 2014 Best Global Brands are reaping the rewards of Facebook engagement, how are they doing it, and how can you replicate this?

1. Don’t sell, sell, sell!

The simple answer is, don’t use social media to sell, use it to entertain, inform and educate because this is what people want when they use social media – People don’t login to their facebook and twitter accounts to be sold to. Consumers are savvy people these days and are capable of doing their own research, so let them decide why your product or service is so great on your website.

2. Less is more

Whats also important is the amount of posting, if there is not enough, you get forgotten, if there is too much you become annoying. Between the 1st and the 18th of May, Adidas has published just 5 posts to Facebook, that’s about 1 post every 3-4 days.

3. A picture says a 1000 words

Content of all kinds needs to be of a high quality, but it’s worth noting that Simply Measured found visual content – both pictures and video – continues to be favoured by fans, with photos showing an 8% rise in engagement, but shares increasing by a whopping 43%. Videos, in fact, were the only form of posting content that saw increased use by these brands.

So if you want to see your social media campaign deliver you results, it’s probably wise to start with a long hard look at the quality of your content, not the quantity. Content that rewards users by being entertaining, informing or educating without the use of sales-oriented language is the key to a successful social media strategy. Rather than overwhelming your social media space with trivial posts that amount to little more than crude advertising, you need to provide superior content that people want to read, watch and listen to.

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