5 Twitter codes you must know

Ever wonder what those random codes being used in twitter feeds are all about?

Well here’s a quick explanation:

  • RT – “ReTweet”. This code is used when you’d like to repeat something you’ve seen of interest and share it. Simply start your tweet with ‘RT’ followed by ‘@username’. Example: RT @mattchamley For a great article on Twitter codes

  • OH – “OverHeard”. This code is used to credit the information coming from a twitter feed without crediting the author. Simply start your tweet with an “OH”. Example: OH @mattchamley mentioning the new #webfirm blog

  • HT – “HeardThrough”. This code used to credit a twitter used with information outside of any twitter feeds. Simply start your tweet with an ‘HT’ followed by ‘@username’. Example: HT @mattchamley NASA found water on the moon 9th October 2009

  • # – “HashTag”. This code is used to highlight keywords to simplify tracking of tweets with a common thread. Example: Check out the new #webfirm blog

  • DM – “DirectMessage”. This code is used to send a tweet privately to a specific user. Much like a short sms, only the recipient will receive it. Caution, do not use “DM” as this is not a recognised keyword and your private message can be read by all. Example: DM @mattchamley the #webfirm blog looks great! Keep up the good work.

Hope this short list of hints help with your own Tweets!

Does anyone have any other helpful hints for Twitter?

Matt Chamley – General Manager, Webfirm

Image credit eldh on Flickr.