A very ‘Social’ Wedding

When I was 5, I thought I was going to grow up and become a princess. It didn’t turn out to be my destiny, but it did for one woman in particular and the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton (aka the Royal Wedding) has taken the world by storm.

Normally when we think of social media trends we think of using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to share and discuss information (or Charlie Sheen), but tomorrow social media chatter will be taking on a Disney like element involving a prince and his princess.

You can’t go online without hearing about Kate Middleton’s hair style (or William’s lack of hair), speculation on the dress style, how it’s apparently a dry run for the Queen’s funeral etc. The world has gone royal mad.

According to Greenlight (a London marketing firm) new research shows that in the past seven days the nuptials are getting one new mention every 10 seconds. Yep, basically every time someone breathes someone else is talking about the  wedding. Not only that, this figure is going to dramatically increase as the wedding day arrives tomorrow.

This is a perfect example of a marketing campaign gone wild. What else do you do when your personal brand has become a bit stale? You create a media sensation.

“….With divorces, deaths, drugs, breakups and makeups; the last 15 years of the Royal family’s history have been a rollicking and often humiliating ride seen through the pages of tabloid newspapers, seeming to threaten whatever shred of relevancy the royal family had left…. The royal family have sat on the brink of irrelevancy for over a decade, but the buildup to this week’s wedding has gone off without a hitch and won back many hearts to this once all powerful British brand. From a marketing perspective, the royal family have orchestrated a pretty impressive rebranding campaign.” – marketmag.com.au

Tomorrow (29 April 2011) the royal wedding will be celebrated by a series of social media firsts:

  • The first British royal wedding to be streamed live on the web
  • The first to have a mobile application
  • The first with a soundtrack to be released on iTunes within hours of the ceremony

There is also an official website, Facebook page and numerous Twitter feeds.

What is also interesting, that as a result of the online world that we have become, a signal has been put in place around Westminster Abbey to stop gossiping guests updating the world on the ceremony while it is happening – basically Westminster Abbey has been declared a Tweet-free zone. Without going into the debates of etiquette of using social media at any wedding, I guess it would be bad form to have Auntie Fergie tweeting about it during the ceremony.

For those of you are interested, the best # tags to follow on twitter for the wedding are below

  • #royalwedding
  • #rw2011 (not to be confused with the #rwc2011 which is for the 2011 Rugby World Cup).

I for one will be multitasking tomorrow night, and will be watching the Wedding on TV as well as keeping up with the social chatter on Twitter and YouTube.


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Image credit HerryLawford on Flickr