You might know him as the guy that fixes your email issues or manages your website build, but here at Webfirm, we know him as the bloke that somehow manages to get a 20gb phone plan for only $32 a month and has a serious gadget-buying addiction. Meet our Digital Producer Luke Hayes!

What do you do at Webfirm?
Officially I am a Digital Producer, that’s just a fancy title for a digital project manager. I am the person that gathers the information from the client and then guides our design and development team to build them a fantastic site that hits the clients brief. When I am not doing that, I am helping team members and clients with technical support.

Huge call, but what is your favourite website and why?
Hmmm, that is a tough one, there are so many. I think the overall favourite would be the Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC). Why? I believe because the people over at VTIC are fantastic to work with. They are always coming up with new ideas to implement, and the website is continually changing. It has wonderful images and has a great use of space with content that is easy to digest.

Best bargain you’ve ever scored in your life?
I buy so much junk just because it’s on sale it’s hard to keep up!, but I am pretty stoked with my $80 outdoor pool at the moment.

What’s the most common request clients ask you?
Can I make my logo bigger? haha

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
One thing that has always stuck with me was when Wonderland in Sydney was opened they had this ride called the ‘Space Probe 7’ that would strap you into a chair and then take you way up into the sky and then drop you 200 ft. I remember screaming so loudly that my brother’s ears where ringing hahaha.

You love listening to new music when it comes out every Friday, what would you say is your top release for 2017 so far?
I think the album that has been on the biggest impression on me this year for me has been the soundtrack to the tv series “Big Little Lies” if you haven’t had a listen make sure you do!

What’s the number one gadget/accessory that you can’t live without?
Well besides my iPhone. I would say my Bluetooth key finder – Tile. Pretty much every single day I will use it to find my car keys or my wallet casually. Without it, I would be running around the house like a headless chicken.


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