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Yesterday the Herald Sun released an article about the use of mobile phones in Australia. “The number of people using mobile phones to access the web has jumped from 26 per cent to 58 per cent in three years”. The article is based on the annual Sensis e-Business Report, which we also reported on.

This Sensis report gives a thorough account of Internet and mobile phone usage within Australia. Where “Sixty-two per cent of people use their mobiles to search online for products and services, the survey found”. It further stresses the importance of building mobile a mobile website, particularly for small to medium sized businesses.

It’s a very interesting read, check it out below…

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  • Rekha says:

    Great survey Richard! I think most of the people use mobile phones for purchasing. But it is actually amazing that sixty two percent people are using mobile phones for purchasing in Australia. Now it has become necessary to create a website which must be mobile compatible if they are mostly targeting in Australia.

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