Be wary questionable SEO companies, or “SEO Cowboys”

I’m sure at some point you have received a call from a SEO sales person claiming to provide you with endless amounts of traffic and guaranteed 1st page results on Google.

Truth be told, I don’t even think these “SEO Cowboys” would even be able to give you a number on traffic, or an accurate time frame as to when you will rank and what you will rank for.

The reason I’m writing this is because I recently received a call from one of these supposed “SEO Company” asking for a quick lesson on SEO, this person literally wanted me to guide them through the steps of SEO. After my laughable phone conversation with this SEO Cowboy I checked out their website. They had guarantees of 1000-3000 visits to your website each month, along with an improbable guarantee of first position on Google for only $30 a month, YES $30 A MONTH! Wow sounds too good to be true right?

Unfortunately a lot of business owners get caught up in these WILD guarantees and end up buying “black hat” SEO or dodgy SEO packages from questionable SEO Cowboys, that can only really be described as a moneymaking scam.

As your website acts as your online shop front you must take care of it and use clean “white hat” SEO techniques, and take into consideration that you run the risk of obtaining a Google penalty. Google will crush your websites rankings if you have employed black hat SEO.

My tips: The only method to overcome this issue is to question the representative on their SEO knowledge and the results that they have achieved in the past, along with sticking to known SEO firms that are preferably in the same country.

The only thing these SEO Cowboys are really guaranteeing is a billboard (your website) in the middle of the desert.

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Image credit Paloma Gómez on Flickr