Blogging, and Blogging Well… The Difference.

You’ve probably heard that “content marketing” is one of the most effective ways to grow your online presence, spread the word of your business, and enhance your status as an industry authority. However, there is much more to this than pumping out a blog post a day.

Blogging is no doubt an essential marketing tool for any business in 2016, but blindly investing time or money into a blogging strategy that’s returning little results can quickly do more harm to your business than good.


You could smash out 1 relatively poor blog post per day, that nobody reads, and gain a small amount of recognition from search engines for adding to your website a bunch of keyword relevant content…


Or, you could post one high quality blog post per week, that entices readers, attracts traffic to your website, provokes conversation around your business, encourages likes/links/shares all across the internet… ultimately increasing traffic to your website exponentially.

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to see which of these two options (which require about the same amount of invested time/effort) – yields greater results. The increasing of traffic to your website will not only increase brand awareness and conversion opportunities, but seriously enhance your credibility with Search Engines – as Google looks for websites that people are spending time on, talking about online, and linking to from their websites, as trust signals for who’s worthy of ranking high in their results. Thus, the snowball effect of quality content rolls on…

But while it’s all good talking about ‘quality content’… how do you create content that makes a ‘digital splash’ and gains this sort of positive momentum online?

The answer to that question is more complex… as there is unfortunately no definitive ‘blogging rules’ that depict what content is going to make a splash, and what content is going to silently sink. However, through Webfirm’s exhaustive research and extensive hands-on experience, we can most definitely provide guidelines to point you in the right direction!

Quality Blogging Tips

  • Entice readers with genuinely interesting headlines or opening statements, remembering modern Internet users are time poor and spoilt for choice (our blog regarding ‘Online Reading Habits’ tells us the average website visitor will leave within 48 seconds… that’s not much time to grab their attention!)
  • Try to write unique content that makes an exclusive statement or point, as this is much more likely to make an impact, and encourage online conversation and/or sharing. People don’t share generic information.
  • Don’t focus too much on advertising or ‘selling’ – often the most effective blogs are informative or helpful. We naturally avoid reading blatant marketing material, and are much more inclined to read something helpful or informative, that still relates to your business, and thus builds a valuable sense of trust or authority around your brand.
  • Be concise, direct and uncomplicated in your language. People read online different to reading a book. Try using informative sub-headings and dot point lists to entice scrolling and retain attention amongst the endless distractions online.
  • Finish with a call to action. Even if your blog doesn’t directly advertise a product or service, being focussed on providing interesting or helpful information (as recommended above), tie it back to your business with a call to action, to remind readers who they’re getting this valuable information from.
  • Invest in professional assistance. As this article has explained, writing blogs for the sake of writing blogs does not necessarily provide the blogging benefits you’re after. You’re not expected to be a business owner and a writer, and investing in an experienced copywriter or content marketing professional is often a wise move.

For further information, enquiries or assistance regarding how to get the most out of your business blog, contact the digital marketing experts at Webfirm today.