About Us

Come for the web design and digital marketing services, stay for a coffee. Our team culture is all about achieving results, but there’s always time for a quick game of table tennis.

Meet the Team.

Video game loving, burger eating, and coffee drinking addicts, our team is made up of talented individuals who love a good laugh and really are the best at what they do.

Lauren R

Digital Client Services Assistant

My role is all about making our customers happy! I manage website tweaks, additions, fixes and anything else our clients want to do with their website or digital services. When I'm not at work, I'm usually cooking, or searching for Melbourne's best new place to eat & drink.


Taryn L

Senior Account Manager

I’m a Senior Account Manager on the Webfirm team, my job is to ensure our clients achieve their digital marketing objectives! Aside from work, life became a whole lot crazier last year when I had my son,  so a lot my time is spent exploring the world with him!


Tristan J

General Manager

Tristan is the General Manager at Webfirm, with more than a decade of experience managing web development projects and recommending digital marketing strategies.


Anthony N

Search Marketing Specialist

Howdy, I'm Anthony. I work closely with our clients and the Account Managers to support their Digital Marketing campaigns. I have worked in several Marketing Agencies across Melbourne. If I’m not at Webfirm assisting clients, you can find me in the CBD, playing Magic the Gathering.


Luke H

Digital Producer

Luke has been a Digital Producer with Webfirm for 6 years. He coordinates between our clients, designers and developers to build websites that will exceed expectations. He loves ecommerce, gadgets, viral videos and would not be complete without his Spotify subscription.


Andrew H

Account Manager

Andrew is an account manager at Webfirm with special expertise in SEO, PPC and data analysis. Developing digital marketing strategies is his bread and butter!


April D

Content Producer/ Copywriter

I’m the Content Producer here at Webfirm and have a background in print media and online journalism. I have four plus years of experience as a writer and editor, and when I’m not at work you can find me hanging out with my dog Chewie or binge watching Netflix.


Rhys K

Business Development Manager

Rhys is a Business Development Manager at Webfirm. Through his professional experience, Rhys has developed an appreciation for the daily challenges faced by many businesses, and an understanding of how to create suitable online solutions. Rhys excels in moulding strategic marketing plans that align with company objectives, while ensuring that ROI remains a key focus.


Andrew C

Account Director

Andrew Coventry is the Account Director at Webfirm. A country boy at heart, he loves seeing his clients reach their full potential online. With more than 5 years experience, he is a specialist in managing and recommending digital marketing strategies for businesses.


Erika J

Chief Talent Officer

After waving goodbye to the world of investment banking, accounting and law (“the dark side”), Erika has made the exciting move to Webfirm to look after HR & Recruitment. Her role will be focused on taking the Webfirm Culture to the next level and creating the best environment for our talented global team.


Joshua R

Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Manager, Josh's role at Webfirm involves developing and implementing the social media campaigns for clients. Having a big passion for music, Josh is always listening to, playing or recording music in his spare time.


Krystle W

Web Designer

I work as a Web Designer here at Webfirm. I have 5+ years experience in the industry and when I’m not at work you can find me doing something creative or spontaneous! If I’m not behind a computer designing then I’m usually either songwriting/ singing, recording, dancing, dreaming up production ideas or doing something else creative.


Our Values


We consider the challenges faced by our clients before we act. We understand that all businesses are different and need to be treated individually, and we also understand that all our clients are different and may need things explained in different ways.


We encourage the sharing of ideas and help each other solve problems. No egos. We trust and rely on each other’s instincts, and our client’s instincts, too. There’s no point being in a team if you don’t leverage the people around you.


Transparency is at the core of what we do. We’re straight talking, open, honest and professional. We’ll listen, and if we think we can’t help you, we’ll tell you. If we think we can, you’ll sure as hell hear about it.


We’re making things happen. We will never stop trying to improve and find new, better and smarter ways to work. Not all our clients are up for pushing into the experimental, and we get that – but we are ready for the battle if you want to take on something new.


We’re hell bent on mastering the art of listening. Measured. Responsive. Influential. Our communication style and methodology are ever-evolving and so are we. We want to speak the language of our clients’ businesses, and educate them on speaking our language; digital marketing.

History of Webfirm


The beginning


Perth’s largest web company


The great migration


Melbourne-based agency

Internet Pioneers in Perth

Born and bred in Perth way back in 2001, we were nailing the ins and outs of digital marketing when the rest of the industry was still in diapers. As a pioneer in the industry, we helped hundreds of clients take their digital presence to the next level under the slogan of Better Business Online.

Melbourne-based digital agency

In 2009 we journeyed across the Nullarbor Plain to our new home right here in Melbourne. We haven’t forgotten about our valued Perth clientele, but our focus is on helping businesses in Melbourne leave their mark on the first page of Google.

Corporate Backing
Part of the Adslot (ASX:ADJ) Group.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Adslot Limited, we’ve got a pretty sweet set-up going on. Melbourne-based, ASX listed, and driven by a pretty great start-up culture, we work in the same building, attend the same social events and get to make the most of their fantastic resources. Talk about a win/win.

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