Should ‘Digital Marketing’ be Referred to as Just ‘Marketing’?

There’s recently been talk within the digital marketing sphere about whether we should drop the word ‘digital’ from the term ‘digital marketing’.

Mark Ritson originally posed this question at this year’s Mumbrella360, and it was met with varying responses.

Is digital marketing so commonplace that everyone is integrating it into their overall marketing campaigns, or is digital marketing still in its early stages?

This is the question on everybody’s lips, because yes, digital marketing has made great strides in recent years, however, the term hasn’t firmly cemented itself in the boardroom of marketers just yet.

According to Ritson, ‘great marketing always starts with the strategy, and the lines between analogue and digital are quickly blurring. The need to focus specifically on digital is redundant because we are all digital.’

This statement is entirely true. However, while starting out with a clear strategy, building up your customer personas and so forth is essential, the specifics of channel execution isn’t entirely dominated by digital platforms – at least not quite yet.

A lot of marketers are still unfamiliar with cross-platform marketing. This means we’re not even close to achieving the unification of the terms ‘digital’ and ‘marketing’. Marketing teams and agencies are still largely unsure of how to execute a successful digital strategy, especially one that combines the digital realms of mobile, video, strong content, social media and online data into one cohesive strategy.

Looking at the broader spectrum, we could also assume that the understanding of digital marketing campaigns should extend further out than just marketing teams so that it permeates across businesses as a whole. After all, digital channels and marketing methods are transforming and reinventing entire businesses and affect more than just their marketing departments.

Until digital becomes second nature, it will continue re-shaping all areas of a business, including sales and marketing, finance and even IT. But, without perseverance, businesses are still at risk of complacency and reverting back to old habits.

Despite rapid changes in the marketing sphere, and significant advancements in digital marketing technology, the concept of digital marketing is yet to plateau into the new ‘normal’. This, in part, stems from the fact that there are still knowledge and skill gaps, especially when we look at how quickly the industry is expanding.

So, despite what Ritson believes, we believe further education is required to ensure consumers continue to adopt strong marketing and website design habits. As a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, our skill set and knowledge base has grown exponentially in the past few years, giving us a pivotal role to play in SEO adoption and education in Australia.

Marketing is undoubtedly moving away from traditional practices, and moving more and more towards digital channels. Don’t let your business fall into the past – talk to us about our digital marketing and web design packages today!

About April Davis
April Davis is the content producer at Webfirm, and has five years of experience as a writer and editor in both the print and digital industries.