For the love of Link Building

Link Building is that time consuming and tedious task we all love to hate.

So, what is it? Why do we need it? And more importantly why does Google love it?

Link building is a method by which you build backlinks to your website so it can be better indexed in the major search engines such as Google. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your page authority. The higher your page authority, the higher your page ranks. The higher your page ranks the more traffic your website generates. Seems simple? We will see…

For your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign to be successful, employing the most effective link building techniques and skills is a must. In fact, link building in SEO has become one of the most important aspects of a successful business online.

To help you understand the importance of link building think of it in terms of an academic journal, the more citations it has, the richer you expect the content to be. A journal created with careful research that refers to multiple citations within the same topic is likely to be more valuable than one that has not. Similarly, Google applies the same principal to search listings. Citations are web links that exist from one page to another. The number of web links from a particular page acts as an indication of the page’s quality, in turn contributing to search rankings.

Furthermore the more credible the original source/author citied the greater value the content. As it is with websites, links from credible directories or high authority websites hold greater value than those posted on ordinary blogs or websites.

These factors all need to be taken into account, link building isn’t just a numbers game; it must be done with time and research. Links from directories must contain unique descriptions with valuable and relevant information. Building links must be done at a rate which mimics natural growth, if a link building service goes too fast it can lead to Google penalising the site or taking it out of its search results completely.

Building good links must be done with time, research and care. At Webfirm we have the pleasure of timelessly creating citations for our client’s academic journals from worthy scholars to ensure the best chances to get your website on the golden page 1 of Google search results.

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