Google Authorship, bigger audience, better protection, more respect

Google Authorship is like online Street Cred.

Although Google Authorship has been around since 2011, it is only now that the possibility of ranking has become a realisation. The new initiative of Google Authorship will allow businesses and individuals alike to build credibility and enhance their reputation online. Google Authorship works by gathering all your online content (of your choosing) such as websites, blogs and social media and then consolidates all this onto a profile.

The Idea behind Authorship is to give a face to the somewhat faceless online community, helping people to establish who is a reliable source and who is just uploading more clutter to the web. The method is really quite simple and will significantly benefit those companies who are serious about their respected field. For example, if people share your content or click +1 (same as a ‘like’ on Facebook), it will indicate to the Google algorithms that your content is respected and valued on that particular subject. Therefore the quality of the content you publish online will have a direct result on how Google ranks you as an authority on a particular subject. Another great advantage of Authorship is in its ability to identify and penalise plagiarism, this of course means care free use of intellectual property.

Authorship is a great way to reach more audiences and a fantastic way to build a network of valuable peers through the quality content you have and continue to contribute to the Internet.

As more and more companies begin to create a reputation through Authorship the more important it is to not get left behind!