Increasing sales through the wonders of Remarketing

When people visit your website most go through several steps called a ‘buying process’ when considering a purchase or completing a desired action on a website.

  • First, people will research and explore different areas to see if what your offering will fit their criteria
  • Secondly, they will start narrowing down all their options until they are left with the consideration of actually buying the product or completing the desired action.
  • Thirdly, they will either place the item in the shopping cart or complete the desired action, which could be purchasing a product, signing up for an offer or filling out an enquiry form.

At any stage users may abandon this ‘buying process’ for one reason or another.

Remarketing provides advertisers with a second chance to reach out to these potential customers again and recapture those lost leads!

How does it work?

When a person visits your website a piece of code known as a ‘cookie’ is placed on their computer. After that person leaves your website the ‘cookie’ then acts as a tagging system that follows the person around the Internet. When they visit any websites on Google’s Display Network (millions of sites worldwide) your display or text ad will be shown to them. Reminding the user of your product or service for which they have already shown interest in. This remarketing technique will follow and bringing back lost leads, whilst improving your brand recognition.

For Example:

If Andrew visits a website called to browse through the selection of hats, but leaves and doesn’t purchase anything. The remarketing ‘cookie’ is placed on Andrew’s computer and while he browses other websites the ‘cookie’ will follow him and serve-up Display Ads (commonly known as Banner Ads). These Display Ads may even offer a discount on hat purchases and encourage Andrew to return to At the end of the day this increases the chance of converting Andrew’s initial visit to the website into a purchase.

Benefits of Remarketing:

1)    Allows you to re-engage with potential prospects who were already interested in your website

2)    When clients re-enter your website through a remarketing campaign they generally convert at a much higher rate due to the interest in the product already being there.

3)    You are delivering the right message to the right audience

4)    Increases visitor loyalty by encouraging the converted user to return and purchase again

Remarketing is a powerful advertising tool, which is proven to provide higher CTR, and higher conversions, which leads to lower marketing costs and more sales.

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Image credit Pocheco on Flickr