iPhone 4 – The new king of mobile phones?

iPhone frenzy hit Australian shores again on 30 July as the new iPhone 4 was released. Being one of those self confessed crazy few I waited 1.5 hours on the phone that day to get my hands on one. Now 2 months in, was just enough time to understand the new features, I thought I would review it for those who are considering investing in one.

The features:

Thinner, smaller and sexier than before the iPhone 4 boasts longer battery life, clearer screen, front and back cameras, noise cancelling speakers and a tougher enclosure. Add to this a sleek glass and front back, high definition video camera, 5x digital zoom, FaceTime (the new video Skype) and best of all the ability to switch between active apps without draining the battery…..the hype sounds pretty impressive, but does it live up to expectations?

The good stuff:

The clarity of the screen is noticeable first off, images on the phone are crystal clear. This coupled with the 5 megapixel cameras and high definition video camera makes it an attractive item for those who like the ability to take quality impromptu shots without permanently carrying round a camera. A unified inbox showing emails from all accounts is great for multiple mail account owners (after all, who only has one email account nowadays?) and the ability to organise your apps into folders helps to keep the desktop organised. For those who appreciate artistic design setting attractive wallpapers is a must (check out the 3D images you can have). Running more than one app at a time without draining battery power is a godsend for a multi-tasker. Finally the sleek design just makes it….well….sexy.

The not so good stuff:

Apart from the well publicised bumper issue (thank you for the free bumper Apple) there are a few drawbacks to the iPhone4. To start with to use FaceTime (video chat application) you require another iPhone 4 user and you both need to be on a WiFi network (how many people can afford to change their phone every year – yes, there really has been a new iPhone every year since 2008!).On top of that the finish is scratch resistant and supposedly tougher but I have to admit I’m not prepared to test the claims and drop it and have already covered both front and back with protective screens. Finally mine had an issue when installing the new OS 4.1 and went into recovery mode – may just have been me, but thank god for back ups!

Overall verdict:

A beautifully sleek phone, definitely ‘phone candy’ when it comes to design. A must for any iPhone/ Apple phone. Many features and new additions make it a valuable asset to any owner (and Apples growing portfolio). With a few minor drawbacks that can be ironed out over time. It certainly raises the bar for mobile phones and keeps Apple out in front.

I would like to finish by mentioning the quality of the actual phone calls. After all – the main purpose of a mobile phone is to make and receive calls….. or is it any more?

Frances Black – Production Manager, Webfirm

Image credit 2011wp on Wikimedia