The importance of Keyword Research

What is it and why is it so important?

No matter how great your website is and how competitively priced your products or services are it may all amount to a big waste of time if you are not driving quality, relevant and frequent traffic to your site.

If the right keyword phrases are not targeted it’s like not being able to reach your destination even after running your best race because you started out on the wrong road.

So what are “keywords”?

When someone is searching for information on the web, they will typically visit a search engine and type in some words describing what they are looking for, for example “dog grooming Perth”. Think of these words as the categories you want your business to be listed under. The search engine will then check its database and display the results in order of what it has deemed as most relevant to the words submitted and the more relevant your website to the keywords submitted, the more likely you are to rank well in the search results.

To identify the phrases you want your business to be found for you need to step into the shoes of your consumers and consider what they would search for if looking for your product or service. Once a basic list is created we can then use the tools available to us to expand and analyse a potential list of targeted keywords.

Good keyword research isn’t just a list of everything someone may search to find your business it also needs to take into account search volumes and competitive estimates for each keyword. This way you can allocate your resources effectively, focusing on keywords with high search volumes and low competition is ideal.

With a well researched list of keywords in place you can be assured you have started your race to reach your final destination of driving large volumes of relevant, quality traffic to your website, heading down the right road.

Image credit Web Courses Bangkok on Flickr