Local Search

Once upon a time, people would search for swimming pool builders and would need to sift through hundreds of results looking for one that’s near them. Luckily, local search has changed this and makes finding relevant, local businesses easier than ever. If you’re operating a geographically constrained business, local search will be your best friend!

But, local SEO is just as important for national and multi-location businesses because people will still want to know where their local Maccas is or where they can find the closest branch of their bank.

At Webfirm, we can offer local businesses a tailored approach to their SEO services, ensuring you get more website visitors, a greater level of user engagement, and of course, more conversions.

When you entrust your local search marketing to us, you’ll get:
  • Your business listed with all the important local business listings/directories
  • A coveted top position on Google’s map results, so when someone types in “insurance broker Melbourne”, your business pops up on the map
  • Optimisation for specific suburbs and localities for your products/services
  • Your search traffic enriched with highly-qualified customers
  • Elimination from your search traffic of geographically disqualified customers
  • Techniques attuned to the latest local search engine algorithms in use by the major portals, such as Google
  • Design and execution of paid advertising campaigns with full transparency are available at additional costs

To learn more about our local SEO services and how we can help you get a leg up on your competition, contact us today!