Conversion Optimisation 101 (how to make your landing pages better)

You’ve spent all this money on advertising to your customers, so you want your landing pages to be optimised to help with conversions to make the most of your marketing money. Below are a few simple tips on what your landing page should and shouldn’t have.

1. Explain your offer clearly – Too many people make the mistake of not explaining their offer clearly on their landing page.  Make sure you use all elements on the page to make sure there is no confusion – your content, your titles, images can all be used to explain your offer and what you want your visitor to do.

2. Make sure your page titles match the call to actions on your advertisements – If your prospect is expecting to download and ebook, then talk about that in your heading. Not only will it help with conversion, your landing pages are graded for their relevant content for your Search Engine Advertisements – the more relevant the higher your quality score. Make it clear to your visitors that they are in the right place when they get to your landing page by keeping your copy and page title consistent.


3. Don’t make it easy for them to leave – I’m not saying you should practice bad marketing techniques and add in spammy code to keep your visitors on the page, but reduce the temptation for them to wander somewhere else on your site. Remove your navigation and other unnecessary links on the page. The visitor’s only goal on your landing page should be to complete the conversion (form fill out, email request etc).

4. Make sure that your form appears above the fold – Don’t make it hard for your visitor to supply you their information. Enough said!

5. Don’t ask for too much information – Your prospects  shouldn’t have to supply their blood type to complete the conversion. Only ask for the minimum amount of information required, not to say that you should just get a name and email address, as your lead quality will be lower – but decide what is the specific information you need from your lead to complete the transaction.

6. Always have a thank you page – Your lead should know when their information has been submitted successfully, its just like saying thank you when you are given something in person – its good manners. Plus it’s on this page that it is a great opportunity to get them to explore your site further.

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Image credit Tansh Creative on Flickr