At a recent conference that Webfirm were invited to, Google discussed their concept of ‘Micro-Moments’ – the individual touchpoints that a brand has to connect with their customer online. Media is abundant nowadays and people know what they want every time they conduct a search so it has become incredibly important to ensure you appear at the right moments in order to gain a new customer.

These ‘micro-moments’ happen quickly and instantly so it is vital to get your online strategy right so that you appear at these intent driven moments. Google revealed that people, on average, unlock their phone 150 times a day, showing that people are constantly checking and using their phone. Interestingly though, this only leads to an average of 170 minutes of unlocked phone time showing people are using their phones regularly but very quickly, highlighting that users are checking their phones constantly and brands need to capture attention in these ‘micro-moments’.  The video below was created by Google and perfectly communicates what is meant by micro moments and how important they are for businesses.

These ‘micro-moments’ are becoming the battleground for businesses, these intent driven moments are the must-wins for every business. In order to win these moments brands have to focus on the buyer. Much as we discussed in our previous blog post (link) putting your customer at the heart of your strategy is the only way to succeed, and it is vital in this circumstance as well.

Google has outlined a way for you to plan for these moments, which you can find here, which starts with the creation of a Moments Map, setting out the moments you have to win in order to gain clients. The second stage is to understand customer needs ‘in-the-moment’, which is to look at everything from your customers perspective and think ‘What could make this better?’. We have to intelligently use context to deliver the right experience, such as having opening hours easily accessible, or stock levels easy to see, so that the customers can find what they want quickly and easily. Next, and this is key for all your online campaigns, optimise across the full customer journey. For example, do you have a great mobile site as well as desktop site? or is it easy for customers to navigate around your website? And finally, measure everything, only then do you know if it is working.

A lot of the intent from these ‘micro-moments’ originates from mobile phones and mobile searches, as the below infographic shows:

It is incredibly important that your mobile strategy is up to scratch in order to exploit these moments and win more customers. By capturing users in these ‘micro-moments’ you will be able to stay a step ahead of your competition and grow revenues delivered from your site. If you aren’t sure how this could apply to you drop us a comment below or fill out the form on our contact from and we will happily discuss this in more detail with you!