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The figures don’t lie. Every year the proportion of online business being conducted using a mobile device is growing, whether it’s on a smart phone or a tablet, with more local searches conducted on mobile devices than there are on desktops. And if that’s not enough reason for mobile design, the king of search itself – Google – has released an update that makes it very difficult for websites that aren’t mobile friendly to rank highly in Google’s mobile search results.  We ensure that your website is designed responsively, making sure that your website will adapt its’ layout to suit any device it’s being used on.

While a traditional website designed for use on a computer can still be viewed on a mobile device, it’s frankly a terrible platform for mobile users to do business on your website. If you doubt this, just try it! These days, it’s vital that your website is mobile friendly to ensure that you don’t lose business to your rivals, especially if your business has a local focus. We do this in two ways:

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Build a responsive website (Recommended solution). A responsive website is one that senses what kind of device is being used to view it, and “responds” by rearranging itself in a way that is optimised for that device. Responsive websites have the advantage that updates do not require multiple edits – they are a quick and easy way to optimise your site for mobile phones.

Purpose build a mobile website in addition to your existing site. A mobile website is designed especially with mobile phone users in mind. Visitors using a mobile phone to view your regular site are redirected automatically to the mobile site. Our mobile web design features an adaptation of your existing site’s design and have great touches like “Touch to Call” buttons, making it easy to call you, and “Find us on Google Maps” buttons to make it easy for visitors to find you.

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