mUmBRELLA reports on small businesses survey & online marketing


mUmBRELLA claims online marketing as important as insurance


This is a really great read for small businesses owners thinking about online marketing, and its from a very reliable source of information… mUmBRELLA.


“Online marketing is no longer something small businesses should do ‘if there is extra budget”


mumBRELLA have reported on a report by Optimising SEO who surveyed more than 300 small businesses across the country, from every major industry and in every major region, and the results of the report (2013 Optimising Small Business Online Marketing Report) are pretty compelling.

“online marketing is no longer something small businesses should do ‘if there is extra budget’, it’s something they need to budget for and take as seriously as insurance.

The research indicates that online marketing for small businesses is just as important as insurance for the business “because there isn’t going to be a need for any insurance when you’re out of business.”

“Online marketing isn’t about applying the same template to everyone’s business, it’s curating a customised solution that boosts your individual rankings/leads based on your individual desires.”

“For a good quality SEO campaign, expect to spend around $650 a month or more. For that, you can expect to get a solid organic ranking within six months with a variety of different methods used to boost your rank.”

“Small businesses should stop thinking of online marketing as an optional expense”