Webfirm extends a warm welcome to all NIBA members!

As you are aware NIBA has created a new partnership with Webfirm to provide additional value to its members. In order to be found where your customers are looking, it’s never been more important to have a strong online presence, incorporating a mobile-friendly, responsive website, a clear digital strategy, SEO understanding and integrated digital marketing campaigns.

For some brokerages, that can sound like a daunting prospect, but it needn’t be. Webfirm is an ASX-listed company, which has helped more than 5000 companies boost their brand and build their web presence since launching in 2001. We are a full service digital agency, who provide web and mobile site development and create online strategies to increase lead generation and traffic.

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Benefits of Partnership with Us

  • Access to superior advice on digital marketing
  • Access to a specialist agency that understands brokers needs
  • Cost-effective entry into a digital strategy involving a website and hosting
  • Free advice on expanding into other areas of digital (SEO, PPC, Social, Email Marketing etc.)
  • Regular education sessions focused on improving knowledge and results of members’ digital strategies

Ongoing partnership benefits with Webfirm:

  • Advice on Google best practice
  • User guides, tips and advice via print and digital media
  • 1300 support number for members to contact Webfirm for advice
  • Leverage 15 years of experience in digital for insurance brokers
Why improving your digital presence is so important
  • Capture more business by being found
  • online Convert website traffic into inquiries – generate real, valuable leads
  • Provide a more effective and engaging online presence for your existing client base
  • Build trust with your customer base by interacting with them in the online space
  • Modern content management systems allow easy control of your online presence
  • Data and insights through site analytics and reporting
  • Integration into overall marketing campaign to ensure consistency across various mediums

If you require any assistance with aspects of your online presence please call us on 1300 932 347