Planning on redesigning your website?

Business competition begins the moment your potential customer types in keywords into a Search Engine (such as Google) when looking for a solution to their question. From ‘Japanese Restaurants Melbourne’ to ‘Online Marketing Australia’ the client wants an answer to a problem or question.

BUT what makes these people choose your business over another?

Website ranking is key to getting your clients TO your website, but what makes them STAY there?

First impressions count and aesthetic design is essential to keep their interest in your site. Not only this will attract your first time visitors, but will typically make them return visitors (as well as possible advocates of your website).

Aesthetics influence us in many ways both consciously and unconsciously. It helps you decide on the sandwich you want to buy from your local cafe, or the type of card you want to buy for Valentines Day and gives deciding factor in whether we trust the website to make a purchase or simply just to click.

Remember, it only takes seconds for websites to impress your potential customers. The moment they visit your website, they will make immediate assumption about your business. A lot of times they will most likely move on to other websites if:

  • Couldn’t find relevant information easily
  • They do not find your site attractive enough
  • Do not trust the site

Indeed, as well as a beautiful looking website, it needs to be easy to use. There’s a lot to consider when you decide to redesign you website, below are the four key factors you need to consider when redesigning a website:

  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Find-ability
  • Visibility

Not only will the above key points checklist help you, below is a checklist to help you evaluate your current site and consider if your website needs redesigning.

  1. Has your site achieved its purpose? Are you getting your customer to buy, to register, to read, to follow, to click etc.
  2. Is your website easy to navigate and understand? Is your address under your contact details, or located somewhere else – simple things like this can frustrate your clientele.
  3. Can your user find the desired information easily? Clear, up-to-date information in easy to find places is essential for return business.
  4. Is your website easy to read? Layout, font size, colour and changes in style can be confusing to your clients.
  5. Does your website contain typing mistakes and broken links? Simple mistakes like these can cause clients not to trust your website
  6. Does your website display properly in the common web browser such as Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer?

I hope you can take the above into consideration if/when you decide to redesign your website.

Image credit Future is Search on Flickr