Why people say no to site marketing products

Traditionally, most advertising solutions, be they on or off line have been met with a certain amount of trepidation by particular industries. This was evident recently when certain multinational retailers missed an opportunity to capitilise on online buying trends.

There are three key reason that business are reluctant to engage in site marketing services.

  1. No understanding. Businesses simply aren’t aware of what site marketing actually is nor the benefits it offers. It’s important to understand what site marketing products exist, how they work and in what ways they can achieve business growth. Site marketing products allow you to place your website in front of potential customers when they are searching online.
  2. Negative experiences. Many businesses have tried some form of site marketing and have been burned by the experience. Often with no measurable return on their investment. Every business requires their own site marketing strategy tailored around their individual products, services and business goals. Selecting and managing the right site marketing products is the key to online growth.
  3. Cost. Including site marketing within your media mix should not necessarily mean finding additional marketing funds. In most cases its simply a matter of assessing your existing media mix spend and ensuring you are receiving a good return on your investment. Re directing any wasted marketing funds into site marketing will certainly help find missed business opportunities.

Site marketing products include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search Advertising (PSA), Social Media and eMail Marketing. Each product helps achieve individual business goals providing targeted and highly measurable results. Some take time and are a “slow burn” whilst others can provide instant results for businesses.

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Image credit FindYourSearch on Flickr