In August, Webfirm had the opportunity to run a workshop in Fed Square as part of the Small Business Festival of Victoria. The festival’s aim was to help support and grow the small business sector by providing seminars and workshops on everything a small business owner needs to be successful.

The central theme to our session ‘Is your Website working hard enough?’ stepped through the processes we use to make sure that a website – and more broadly a digital strategy – delivers dependable, consistent results in to your business. It was great meeting so many dedicated small business owners from across the state and to share useful insights that they could take away and implement instantly. Due to the popularity of the event we have decided to present the insights we shared over the course of a series of blog posts and webinars.

Over the coming weeks we will cover:

    • Deeper methods of understanding your customer
    • The power of the Micro Moments – Engaging your clients online
    • Walk through of the important elements of your digital strategy
      • Website – from CMS to Mobile Responsiveness
    • Digital Marketing
      • Leveraging the Search Engines (SEO)
      • Paying for traffic – How it do it without wasting money
      • The Role of Social Media – Does it have one in your business
      • Using Display in your strategy – retargeting
    • Setting goals for your Digital Strategy efforts
      • Measuring success

Each week we will be posting a new topic so feel free to tune in for each of them or just cherry pick the topics that make the most sense to you. And as always, we are available to elaborate on any of the above topics and perhaps show you how you can take advantage of them your selves.