The battle between Google & Twitter continues…

Previously Google used to serve up relevant tweets that mentioned something of high interest at a particular point of time where there was breaking news. The paid partnership between Google and Twitter was pretty sweet until July 2011 when their partnership ended. Up until then things had a fantastic outlook for both of these online Giants.

Where Google has dominated the search scenario from the time it came into existence, Twitter has also been a healthy heavy weight within the social media arena. Even though Twitter has a word limit of 140 characters still people have been able to create and weave magic with these 140 characters being able to deliver real time updates over a vast array of subjects.

With the announcement of Google’s decision to integrate its Google+ results with the search results has now put a heavy strain on the relationship between Google and Twitter. While Google is still aggressively pushing Google+ to the online community Twitter is accusing Google of Antitrust violations.

In most cases you can see where Twitter has lost out in many ways with regards to Google+ bringing up their results in SERPs rather than indexing relevant tweets. This will be sure to have a huge impact on Twitters exposure and also allows Google a bit of room to be able to push through their social portal onto the game court.

Another angle that needs to be analyzed is the fact why should Google pay for what Twitter is doing on its network and why should it advertise Twitter when it already has a Social Network of its own in the form of Google+.

Considering the little tiff is still fresh I guess all we can really do is wait and see what Google has to serve up in the near future.

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Image credit Bruce Clay, Inc on Flickr