Understanding Semantic Search and how it will change SEO

We all know the face of SEO is continuously changing, we’ve seen this with the most recent algorithm updates such as Panda, Search Plus & Venice, however throughout all these changes one thing has remained consistent – SEO – it has always been ‘keyword’ driven.

Soon all this will change when Google moves over to semantic search, which will be the next algorithm update.

What is Semantic search?

Semantic search is not a new thing it has been around for a while now, and the only reason we are all hearing about it is because of Google.

Google’s inspiration for the move came from Siri (the new iPhone technology), which changed the way people search. By tapping into its artificial intelligence, Google was able to understand the relationship between words entered into their search engine. So they have a better understanding of the users true intent, rather than just matching keywords.

To help your website rank well for semantic search you will now have to figure out the meaning behind your keywords and how they will work together and then create content around it that is framed around answering questions that relates to the keywords that you are targeting.So SEO companies will need to have a strong focus on how we speak and ask questions rather than focusing on single line keywords.

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