Want To Create The Perfect Landing Page? Here’s How.

People often think that digital marketing is all about making a website pretty and appealing – however, it is so much more than that. With the constant advertising that we are exposed to on a daily basis, it’s important to find the right approach to get your business to stand out.


Sure, hiring an experienced and professional digital marketing company is a good start. But as a business owner, it falls to you to identify & curate content that will bring in conversions in comparison to one that will leave you with an empty investment.



So, to bring this entire matter a bit closer to you and save you hours and hours of research, we have prepared a guide in order to help to create the perfect landing page:


Do your research before you start working on the landing page


Too many marketers today hold the opinion that design comes before content. Yes, it is important to attract customers with a well-designed landing page, but creating the perfect landing page requires more than that. Once you get the attention of online visitors, you have to offer them content that will intrigue them enough to remain on the website. To accomplish this, you will first need to explore your strategy and audience.


Questions you need to ask yourself before creating the perfect landing page


  • Where do my leads come from?

When it comes to landing pages, you need to differentiate between separate pages for separate audiences. So, you will have different pages for PPC leads, social media visitors, email campaigns etc. Take into consideration the call to action that you will offer these leads to get them on the pages as well.


  • What kind of audiences do I attract with these types of content?

Here, it is important to take everything into consideration. From demographic and geographic background to their experience (or lack thereof) with your type of business and services. By possessing such data, you will be all the more inspired in creating the perfect landing page for them. For example, if your target audience were companies looking for useful software tools for moving estimates, the landing page should focus on answering all their inquiries about the product in question.


  • What do I expect from my online visitors?

Different businesses have different requirements from their online visitors. Sometimes, it comes down to subscribing to your mailing list, other times focusing on your services or purchasing a product you might be selling…it varies. And as long as you know what you want your leads to be doing when they get to your landing page, you will be able to structure it accordingly.

Building your landing page should only start once you have a general idea of who your visitors are and what type of landing page environment will be best for them.


Essential steps towards creating the perfect landing page


Your landing page is the online showcase of your business. It is the first thing that your online visitors will see. This is why it is all the more important for it to present the perfect balance of copy and design. And to help you achieve that, we have the following list of guidelines:


  • The entire page needs to have a clean and organized design.
  • Minimalism is a welcoming notion – no need for excessive content, that’s what your inner pages are for.
  • Your heading should promote your offer – this is the hook that will keep leads interested.
  • Trust signals are always useful and effective – testimonials like social media, subscribers etc. All of these contribute to creating the perfect landing page.
  • Your page has to be mobile-friendly – according to Statista, over 50% of worldwide website traffic comes from mobile phone users.



The perfect landing page also requires that it be accessible on all devices



Creating the perfect landing page requires that it be accessible on all devices.

  • Keep your forms short – less is more and more is less, a notion to remember when creating a quote/subscription form.
  • Customize your pages for target audiences – different sources demand different presentations
  • The landing page has to match the PPC ads – it’s important for people to know they’re on the right page that the PPC ad led them to.



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