Ways to Increase Your Social Reach

Increase your Social Media leads


15 simple ways to generate more social media leads, the best thing do isincrease your social reach’. Below are 15 tactics you can use to increase your social media reach:

1. Make sure that you have social sharing and social follow button everywhere, starting from your website’s homepage, blog posts, printed collateral to email marketing messages. When you are promoting your social media reach on digital reach, try using QR codes.

2. Try to initiate a guest blogging program, which means you would write and post a blog on other sites/blog as a guest. You would have to contact website/blog owners and ask them to post your content. Readers of that website could then read and share your posts.

3. Keep your presence fresh and updated by posting something daily. If possible, do this across all your networks.

4. More and more people are turning to mobile devices to surf the net. So make sure your social follow and sharing buttons are visible on mobile devices.

5. When you find out that people are not touching your social media profile every day, maybe there is nothing engaging and up to date about you and your business. Stay active and current. Give people some reason to come back to your profile.

6. It should be agreed that Twitter has a number of problems, where loads of content comes from thousands of places, which is why it is really difficult to be heard on Twitter. Hosting Twitter chats might be a good way to reach people. Twitter chats have # hashtag’s that people could use to sort events to participate in.

7. Post content, people might feel like talking about later, make sure you respond to them. Foster a chatty community and you will see your audience and fan base grow.

8. Are you familiar with the term “Newsjacking”? It is the practice of talking about the latest event that most people would find interesting. Newsjack on your social media and post information that most people compelling to know.

9. Social networking sites allow hosting competitions and contests. Do that but make sure you read the terms and conditions first.

10. The content you post should be tailored to different social networks. Your tweets should be short and sweet. Facebook status updates could be visual. Also, make sure you take the most appropriate tone when posting on social media. However, it takes time to understand the audience’s persona.

11. Partner with other complementary organisations by practicing co-marketing. This way, you can help each other grow your perspective social reach by promoting each other.

12. One month after Facebook launched Timeline, there was a 65 percent increase in engagement in visual content. So, use visual content such as infographics, videos, cartoons, memes and images to increase your fan engagement.

13. Spend a little on paid ads. For example, you could do some paid advertising on Facebook and increase your reach on this platform.

14. Figure out the best time of engagement with your audience. Know what hour of the day is best for you to post content that will get maximum response.

15. High quality content has no alternative. All the famous brands out there have extreme social reach because of the quality of content they post frequently.




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