We Are Webfirm : Lauren Patterson


Lauren has recently joined Webfirm as our Account Executive, she’s excited to be working in digital, always has a smile on her face and epitomises inner Melbourne chic. Our social media expert Nick has snuck his own question in here this month, can you guess which one it is?


What do you do at Webfirm?
HAVE FUN! And I’m also the Account Executive, working alongside Taryn and AJ our other Account managers. I manage a portfolio of clients and make sure that they are happy with their website and digital marketing packages. I try and find ways to help them grow their business and am a main point of contact for them here at Webfirm.



What are small things that make your day better?
Connecting with people in the office. Whether it be working collaboratively on something for a client together or having our weekly Friday pub lunches, I’m all about engaging with the people around me and embracing the company of others. I think this is why I enjoy being an Account Executive so much, being able to talk to people all day and find out how I can help brings me happiness.



Where have you lived in your life?
Gee Whiz, I haven’t thought about this before but I have lived in at least 13 different places around the world. I grew up in a little suburb called Carrum Downs in Melbourne, which was pretty dull and now live in Prahran, right in the heart of the fun. This is the good thing about being an adult; you can actually choose where you live. But in between those two seemingly opposite locations two places stood out to me. I spent 6 months living in Berlin, after travelling around Turkey on my own I met some nice girls from Melbourne, who coincidently also wanted to move to Berlin. So we got a one bedroom air b and b and had 4 of us living in there for 6 months. And then I moved to London to live with my brother and stayed there for a year. I always wanted to live overseas and I remember going to Berlin on an exchange when I was 16 and falling in love with it. I told myself, one day I will live here.


What’s the next skill in marketing you want to master?
Hmm this is a good one to think about. I think I’d like to gain a better understanding of SEO. This area of marketing is still very new to me and it encompasses such a broad spectrum of tools. We are lucky to have a very skilled SEO specialist on board Nikea, who is a wealth of knowledge in this field and even better, she is always ready to teach.



Who’s the best guy in the office? Nick.
Best story teller in the office! Super captivating and engaging. He is also a social media superstar and his campaign’s usually convert at 50%.



What songs have you completely memorised?
Every song on Taylor Swifts Red album. I like to listen to this album when I’m walking home from work and sing it quite loudly with my headphones on.



What’s the coolest thing you’ve learnt since joining Webfirm?
That it is possible to find a job that you love and look forward to going to every day. Before joining Webfirm I doubted the ole 9-5 lifestyle and thought that it perhaps wasn’t for me. But working with a team as wonderful as mine has shown me that having intelligent, fun and interesting people around makes a huge difference.



What are you interested in that people haven’t heard of?
Once upon a time I worked on the radio as a presenter for 3RRR and another station called Hoxton FM when I was living in London. I loved presenting shows and it was a particularly memorable time at Hoxton because I hosted a show with my brother. The energy between us was perfect for radio, we bounced off each other and just laughed and danced around the studio when we played music. I was even contacted by a man once who had heard the show and asked me to DJ at a club on brick Lane. The only thing was, I couldn’t actually DJ, I just played from Spotify or Itunes and would fade songs in and out to create the illusion that I knew what I was doing. Anyway, they didn’t seem to mind and just told me to bring some big headphones and to make it ‘look like’ I was djing. They liked it so much they asked me to come back the next week – fools gold !