We Are Webfirm : Taryn Laws

Taryn, tell us about what you do at Webfirm

I’m a Senior Account Manager, which means I’m responsible for the success of my client’s online marketing campaigns, typically this covers SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Content and Email Marketing. A normal day can include face to face or phone meetings with my clients, monitoring and tweaking online campaigns, working with colleagues to workshop how to improve campaigns, and I also manage the internal Marketing team for Webfirm.


You’ve lived in London and Wellington before Melbourne, what do you miss about those cities?

The thing I miss most about Wellington is my family and friends. Despite the fact I haven’t lived there for eight years, whenever I land there I still feel like I’ve come home.

I miss so much about living in London, in my opinion it’s the most amazing city in the world! Living there for three years was a wild ride. There were endless getaways to Europe / the UK with friends. One of the best parts of living in London was winter – the Christmas markets, the snow, mulled wine, “orphans” Christmas’s with friends, the xmas lights around Oxford St. In Summer we’d drink in beer gardens, go for excursions around Hyde Park / Southbank / Greenwhich / Brick Lane the list is endless. I also have fond memories heading to the pub at 6am on Sunday mornings to watch rugby world cup matches (go the AB’s!). I believe there really is something in London for everyone. And don’t get me started on their culinary delights, they’ve well and truly got them sorted… fish finger sandwich with a side of “crisps”? Yes please!


What’s the career highlight you’re most proud of?

There’s been loads of career highlights, but the best part I’d have to say is the relationships I’ve built up with my clients over the years. I’ve worked with loads of the same businesses for nearly four years, hearing them say business is booming and that the website has played a huge factor is the best!


Who do you admire most in the world?

I had to do a school project on this when I was 13, and my answer is still the same! My mum’s mum, Nana Kathy. She’s your classic Scouser (for those who don’t know, that means a person from Liverpool, UK). She had a tough childhood growing up during the WW2 years, and like me she wanted to go and see the world – at 20 she decided to leave Liverpool and move to New Zealand, via a 6 week boat ride (and we complain about a 30 hour plane ride!). Shortly after landing in NZ she met a handsome Scotsman, 6 weeks later they were married, had five crazy kids, and now has 17 grandkids, and 12 great grandkids

She has a fantastic sense of humour, is a little bit crazy, is fiercely protective of her family, and still has a clothing buying obsession with a wardrobe that might remind you of something you’ve seen on the tv show “hoarders” (I may have slightly caught this trait off her!). She likes to be up with the latest technology and gadgets, I regularly get text messages off her telling me what’s she’s been up to, this is the last one she sent me “Hh luv im fine ta same weather herd trev asleep nezt to me wash rack full in lounge gulp how is aichie0 xx” .


What’s on your bucket list?

  • Go to Barra (tiny island in Scotland where my grandad grew up)
  • Run the Queenstown marathon in NZ
  • Travel around Australia in a van with my little family for at least six months
  • To have my boy Archie grow up happy, healthy and doing what he loves!


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Mind control would come in very handy… in both work and private life (especially when trying to navigate the world of a full-blown toddler tantrum!).


What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

I’m a closet (or not) Bogan who loves nothing more than a loud beer-filled rock concert. One of the best in most recent years was Soundwave here in Melbourne, where I got to see a bunch of bands I’ve loved all my life – Smashing Pumpkins, Faith No More, Soundgarden (RIP the late great Christ Cornell <3), and even Marilyn Manson! It was over two days, friends from NZ flew over for it, and we had the best time. The festival has since been canned, but I hope in some way shape or form another version of it will be back…


What’s one thing you wish you knew how to do?

I wish I knew how to answer this question without writing an essay. There’s SO many things I wish I knew how to do! Last night I watched a doco about a little boy who was hit by a car and he had brain damage and I was a mess watching it. His parents were so brave and it made me feel guilty for all the little things that annoy me during the day that really aren’t problems at all. So with this in mind… I wish I knew how to switch off from life’s little problems more and focus on the present and be happy because life is good and I need to remember that! Maybe I’ll write myself a post-it note for my computer screen…


What is the best vacation you have ever been on?

I’d have say going back to London for the first time since living there with my partner Josh was the best! We had a friend’s wedding in Kent, travelled around England and picked random little pubs in the middle of nowhere to stay and had a really authentic experience away from the hustle and bustle of London. How many times can I mention London in this article? Not enough. We also did a culture-backflip on the way home and stayed with some friends in their swanky Dubai apartment for a couple nights – that is one crazy place.


What’s the weirdest nickname someone has for you and what’s the story behind it?

I’m going to be in a world of pain for admitting this, but my mum’s nickname for me for as long as I can remember has been “Primrose Appleby”. The story goes that back in the day a crazy lady with this name came into mum’s work, mum thought it was hilarious, so I inherited the name (thank god this happened after I was born). It’s very rare I get the full version these days, it’s mainly cut down to just “Prim”. Disclaimer, this is not permission to be called this by anyone else!