We are Webfirm – Andrew Hocking

Meet Andrew Hocking, Webfirm’s  Account Manager / All-Rounder extraordinaire – having worked here for over four years, chances are he’s had a dabble at working on your campaign. Get to know him a little more here.

What do you do at Webfirm?

I tend to have my fingers in a few pies weather my colleagues like it or not! My title is ‘Account Manager’, so I do spend a lot of time combing through data, formulating reports and consulting with my clients, I also implement quite a lot of the technical stuff and provide minor tweaks. I have also been dabbling in a few webinars lately, which has been a lot of fun.

If you weren’t working at Webfirm where would you be working?

If I wasn’t working at Webfirm right now, there is a good chance I would be working at Porsche Centre Melbourne. I used to work there and I certainly miss driving around those cars!

Do you have any strange phobias?

Dirty dish clothes

Website or App you can’t live without?

Perth clients probably wont understand this, but the bureau of meteorology app is very important to me. It lets me know if there is rain  on the way and how it is going to be. Very important here in Melbourne. Other than this, my Spotify app is also quite crucial.

Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

Hmmm, toughy! I love diving, but it depends what type of sharks I would be hanging with. Would love to sky dive, but bungee jumping scares me quite a lot.

Vodka, Gin or Tequila?

Now we’re talking! Gin. There are so many good gins these days, but a nice tequila at the right time is also very appreciated!

What’s the last pic you took on your phone?

The uninspiring carpark view I had at the hotel I recently stayed at in Flinders.

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

“Should I eat breakfast today? I’m still very full from over-eating at dinner last night. If I don’t eat breakfast, will I last until lunch???”

What question do you hate to answer?

“You right for sizes?” – When shopping for clothes.