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Not all web hosting services are created equal

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Webfirm really does set the gold standard in web hosting. Contrary to popular belief, not all web hosting services are created equal. Let’s start with the basics.

Reliability and Speed

Online businesses need their web host to be utterly dependable. Webfirm boasts an impressive 99.7% server uptime – a near flawless performance that we constantly strive to improve. And our servers are fast, so your visitors won’t be drumming their fingers – or worse – clicking past you.

Secure web hosting

Unlike many web hosting services in Australia, our server hardware is located within Australia, making it easier for us to provide the levels of security you expect – a level of security which cannot come from a server located overseas.  We also provide free anti-virus a spam protection, and daily site backups.

Traffic analysis

However good your site may look, you need to know how it’s performing if you are to get the most out of it. Webfirm’s site traffic analysis service gives you rapid feedback on the performance of your online strategy, so you can quickly tweak it to produce optimum results. You’ll receive regular traffic analysis reporting for the sites we create for you, and supply you with a keyword dashboard to keep track of the ranking of your keywords.

Dynamic and Static Site support

If you’re serious about doing business online, a static webpage that simply displays your wares and contact details is unlikely to cut it these days. Your web host needs to provide all the bells and whistles that enable online trade to take place smoothly, while also ensuring the site’s speed.  While editing static sites requires a firm grasp of HTML, dynamic sites can be tweaked by their owners with little or no technical training, and enable features like online shopping. At Webfirm, we offer both static and dynamic web hosting, but we do urge you, if you have a static site, to talk to your Webfirm account manager about upgrading to a dynamic site.

Then there are the features that make for a prosperous online business, but which may only come as extras, or not at all, with other services.


We provide 10 email accounts as standard with our web hosting service.

Domain name

Let us take care of establishing – and protecting – your online identity, with our domain registration and management services.

Online trading support

SSL, SQL, MySQL – forget all the acronyms, because Webfirm will take care of all the features your site needs to make online transactions.

Bring Your Site to Webfirm

Webfirm offers both Windows and Linux-based hosting environments, so if you already have a website, it’s quite likely that you can simply transfer its hosting to us.

Call 1300 932 347 and talk to your Webfirm account manager, who will assess your site and your needs, and determine how we can begin transforming your online business. Or send us a contact request here.


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