Webfirm will be running a workshop as part of the Small Business Festival Victoria, in conjunction with the Victorian government.

This August the Small Business Festival Victoria will be running a number of workshops, talks and seminars throughout the state as part of their commitment to small business in the state. As part of this initiative Webfirm have been asked to run a workshop as part of the Festivals Feature Events programme at the Festival Hub in Fed Square.

On the morning of 6th August Webfirm will be running a session entitled ‘Is your Website working hard enough?’ This workshop will look at how to maximise the performance of your website and make sure it is playing an active part in driving your business forward. We are offering some tips and advice on how to optimise your website and carry out successful marketing.

As part of this talk we are going to explain how to analyse your website and understand how it performs. Our qualified team will also talk through some online marketing channels, including SEO, Paid Search and Social Media, explaining what each can be used for and the opportunities associated with each channel. Members of the Webfirm team will be sticking around following the workshop in order to offer some one on one advice.

We are excited to be part of such a great event as we understand how important Small Business is in Victoria, having helped a large number succeed online already. Even if you don’t get a chance to come to our event make sure you take a look at the Festival programme as there is a wide range of diverse seminars and talks taking place all over Victoria.