Title tag is code that is used in HTML code to specify the title of your Web page. Normally it will look like this:

<title>What is written here will be displayed as the web page title.</title>

Title tags can be considered as one of the most important thing for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Campaign. It is more likely carry the same weight as the visible content on your webpage. Thus it is essential to have keywords that you are targeting in the title tags; otherwise it will be very hard to rank well in Search Engine.

How to write a good title tags and how to make a title tag search engine friendly

Writing a good title tag can be very tricky, however a well-written title tag will usually help boost the rankings of the selected keywords. The title tag also appears as the clickable link on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) therefore it should be treated as such. Just like your signage at the front of your shop is able to pull people to your shop, a good title tag can increase the clickthrough rate to your website as well.

In addition, keywords and length should be taken into consideration when writing a title tag. Having the right balance would be a challenge especially if you are targeting a large number of key phrases on a given page.

Here are a couple of tricks that you can use:

  1. Place the most important keyword at the start.
  2. Include your brand name (especially for well known brand). If the company is well known and is getting a significant portion of their traffic from the brand name then it would be wise to give preference to the brand name rather than keywords in the title tag.
  3. Filter out any words that are not too important or are easier to rank and place them at the end (if you wish).
  4. Join all common words/phrases together to save character space for other keyword and it should be done in a clever way so it makes sense to the reader. Smartly chosen keywords will give you an advantage in this matter because not only should you consider a good traffic volumes, competitiveness, the strength of website, etc. but you should also consider keywords that work well together in titles, content and link anchor texts.

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