What is more important ‘Web Design’ or ‘SEO’ ?

Building and maintaining a website for your business is always an exciting venture for any business owner. Making sure your prospective customers find it, and buy or inquire about your products and services is arguably even more important.

What if you have a great website, but nobody finds it, or you’re missing out on thousands of visitors purely because your customers don’t find your website?

There are actually two types of visitors your website needs to be built for:

  1. Your customers. They need to be able to find what they are looking for, and for them it reflects your business, as it’s your virtual shop front that many more people will visit than visit actual stores
  2. Search Engines. They need to be able to crawl your website and in a complex “black box” algorithm, determine the relevance of your website. This will either make you rank well in search engine results, or relegate your website to the virtual equivalent of a billboard in the middle of the desert.

There is a big difference between building a great looking and functional website for your customers, and having an ongoing strategy for SEO, which is constantly changing. AND the skills of the experts for these roles are fundamentally different!

What will make my website Search Engine friendly?

Search engine friendly web design consists of building valuable assets and taking certain elements into account such as coding, internal linking, structure, copy, images and load time. Great onsite optimisation combined with a great link building strategy will eventually lead to your rankings moving up through the Search Engine Results Pages (or in acronym speak, SERPs).

SEO web design used to be very simple, as it mainly consisted of updating meta tags, applying keywords, then submitting your website to the search engines. However these days due to the competitiveness of the internet and the ever increasing complexities of search engine algorithms, it has evolved into a highly strategic, laborious process which in turn needs to be unique to the business that requests it.

Web Design & SEO

Obviously you can’t have SEO without a website, and you most certainly can’t have a website without SEO, its like placing a billboard in the middle of the desert. Your billboard might look fantastic but if no one sees it, then it is useless. Conversely you may have a terrible looking billboard in the best position, but it is still usless. Web design is a key part of SEO and they are both as importnat as eachother.

These days all successful online businesses are originally found through search engines, and unfortunately the majority of these websites are barely optimised for the competitive online market place due to old optimisation strategies and out dated web elements. This in turn results in great websites never being found.

How can I keep up to date?

Find out if you have an ongoing SEO strategy, and how often the website is updated, both with customers and search engines in mind. Find out how your website is performing, and we can help with this by sending you a report for your business. Here at Webfirm we have web professionals that work specifically in these two areas that would love to help your business grow, and get all the customers to your site that you can manage! Contact us via Email or Phone for your free website evaluation.

Contact Webfirm to find out how to improve your website and make it website SEO friendly call 1300 932 346 or email info@webfirm.com.


Image credit Danard Vincente on Flickr