Where is your market searching?

As a rough estimate, 87% of online searches in Australia are performed on Google, so of course it is the primary objective of the majority of companies online to have a presence on the first page of search results in Google, be it through SEO or SEA.

But what about the other 13% of Australian searches? Approximately 800,000 searches every day in Australia are done using Bing or Yahoo.

It is likely that if you rank well in organic search results in Google, you will also see similar results in the other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. But often these search engines are forgotten about or ignored when it comes to Search Engine Advertising.

What most advertisers don’t consider is there may be different demographics that favour different search engines. Sure, managing three separate online advertising campaigns across each of the major search engines is likely to be time consuming and difficult to manage. But if a large portion of your target market is searching on Bing, you need to be there!

So who is the 13% and what are they likely to be looking for? Studies have shown that Bing users tend to be 35+ but especially favoured by the 55-64 year old category. They are also more likely than your typical Google user to have children. Chances are they are a Microsoft user as it is the default search engine on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, so may not even be aware which search engine they are using. We also know that Yahoo searches are more likely to be conducted by women than men.

I’m not saying that if your target market is mostly women you should only advertise on Yahoo, or if your products appeal to the over 60’s to only advertise on Bing. However many searches are done on these search engines, there are still going to be more of your target market using Google. But don’t ignore these other places that your customers are looking for you. To get the most from your online advertising spend you need to be optimising your campaigns across all the major places people search. You may find one of your ads on Google does nothing for your ROI, but it performs excellently on Bing or Yahoo.

If your customers are searching there, even if it’s only a small portion of them, you need to have a presence everywhere they are searching if they are all going to find you.

Image credit Danard Vicente on Flickr