About the Project

Thank you Webfirm for doing it again!

“Back in the days when the Yellow pages, newspapers and traditional offline media dominated how potential clients searched for products and services, building a cutting-edge website wasn’t always the ‘standard’ thing to do. I was nervous to say the least.

However, Webfirm worked with me and took the time to understand my industry and insisted we break the trends and try something different. Their team speaks my language, understands what I’m feeling, and are always quick to show me some great solutions – creating what can only be described as ‘my secret weapon for dominating my industry.’

After ten years of successfully driving hordes of hungry clients to my door, I have cashed out. But, now Webfirm is doing it again. Going the extra mile to help get my next venture off the ground.

The continued help and support from the team at Webfirm will no doubt prove to be the catalyst for yet another long-term success story.”

Glen Michaelides
CEO of The Titans Academy