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Webfirm is a Melbourne-based digital agency that publishes informative, thought-provoking content that aims to educate readers on all things relating to digital marketing and web design.

We’re also a pretty social bunch, and happily accept guest submissions from other likeminded writers and digital marketing professionals. If you’re interested in writing for us, please read our guidelines below and submit your article via the submission form below.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for well-researched content that’s relatable and contains actionable tips. We also love a bit of humour and a more conversational tone. We don’t publish any content that’s stuffy and dry or loaded with jargon.

Some things we absolutely love:

For a better idea of the type of content we do publish, please visit our blog and review some of our past work before you hit submit.

Guest Blog Submission Guidelines

Author Bio

If your content is selected for submission, we will provide an author bio at the bottom of the blog. For us to compile this, please provide the following:

Editing Your Guest Blog Submissions

A member of our in-house content team will professionally edit any content that is accepted for publishing. These changes will be communicated to you, and nothing will be published until we receive approval from you to go ahead.

Rejected Guest Submissions

Submitting your content to us is not a guarantee that it will be accepted for publishing. We reserve the right to refuse any content on the following grounds:

How to Get Started

Please start by filling out the enquiry form below,  detailing who you are, where you’re from and what you propose to write. Offering multiple blog ideas is welcomed.

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