How did you end up working as a systems administrator? What did you study to get here?

I was absorbed / in love with the first computer my dad bought me. Since then I’ve been exploring the field of computers. I did a Bachelor of ICT at Swinburne University which taught me a lot of the basics of what I’m doing now.

What’s been your go-to isolation meal?

Munching on a Korean spicy ramen.

Which emoji best describes you? 

Thinking Emoji [Download Thinking Emoji in PNG] | Emoji Island

What was the last holiday you went on and what is the first place you want to go post-coronavirus?

The last holiday i was on was the trip to Kasol / Manali. It’s a high-altitude Himalayan resort town in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state.

The first place I will go will be a ride to Black Spurs in Victoria. It’s only local but I will start there once my bike is going again.

What restaurant in Melbourne comes closest to food from back in India?

It really doesn’t. The taste of food and the way it is prepared in South Indian states changes every 200km. I would say “Aangan” restaurants do a great job overall.

What’s your favourite work tool?


What has been your experience in facilitating work-from-home as a systems administrator?

It requires more dedication to keep productivity on a good level, especially when sitting on the couch thinking about what to watch tonight.

Tell us more about your motorbike

I’m deeply passionate about it and it’s become part of life. Being very new to Melbourne, the majority of the people I meet in Melbourne are through attending motorcycle events/rides.

Sometimes I get very pumped, I take it to the race track and delude myself into thinking I am racing.

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