Melbourne’s successful online businesses choose Webfirm

What if the worst were to happen to your website domain hosting service?

Give yourself one less thing to worry about with our Melbourne agency’s premium high performance service for your domains.

Our responsive support team are experts in hosting and optimisation practices, guaranteeing your website is fast & secure, operating online 24/7 with unlimited (subject to fair use) data and storage.

Let us convince you:

  • Our WordPress server uptime is consistently above 99.95%
  • We are proud of our track record, keeping 99.95% uptime record for all of our clients.
  • We’ve been in the game long enough to understand what’s needed to keep your valuable domain a fast, secure and accessible hosting asset.
  • We’ve got documented disaster recovery plans and daily backups of your website hosting and domain configuration.
  • Webfirm’s managed service means that you can rely on getting email and phone support for your hosting if and when you need it.
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Server location

Let’s face it; long distance rarely works out.

Distance matters, especially when it comes to your host server. More distance between you, your customer base and your web hosting means increased load time for your pages and images, not to mention access to potential solutions to domain server problems.

A strange server location can also look strange to Google and can affect your organic rankings – it’s best to host in the same country that your business is operating. Webfirm hosts with Amazon at the AWS data centers in Sydney, which is the perfect central website hosting location Australian domain businesses.


Secure your asset

Security is a vital concern when looking at a web hosting plan. After all, your hosted information and the trust of your customers is a huge priority and therefore, hosting security is going to need to be a huge priority!

Unfortunately, however, there’s no single feature that solves everything, which is why our tech experts work tirelessly to ensure that your managed web site is safe and as secure as possible, through a variety of techniques.

SSL certificate security that’s either domain-verified or premium SSL certificates are both available through our secure WordPress solution.

Our years of hosting experience have put us in good stead for reacting to potential problems your website may face. Locking down WordPress hosting to keep it secure means you get active resistance to brute-force password attacks and many other common forms of WordPress vulnerability hacking is stopped in its tracks.