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How Does Google Adwords Work?

Google Adwords is the world’s single-largest online advertising network, reaching more than roughly 80% of global internet users. They’re some big numbers, but what does that mean for you?

Google Adwords works by you bidding on given search terms to place your ad amongst your competitors. Whenever a user types in given search term that you’ve placed a PPC bid on, the race begins! How high your ad appears on Google will depend on a couple of things;

  1. How competitive your PPC market is (determined by CPC or Cost Per Click)
  2. Your Google ads ‘Quality Score’ (determined by relevance to search terms, click-through-rate, landing page and content quality and a few other factors set by Google)

A big advantage of a long term investment in Google Adwords Management is that, given our ability to test every PPC theory and continuously improve and optimise your account, the longer your account is active, the better the results a digital agency can get. It’s a simple matter of better understanding from your campaign manager = better results on Google.

Without paid search (Google Ads), you’re heavily reliant on SEO (search engine optimisation), and a few other traffic channels. This approach can work fine for some industries, but in highly competitive industries, operating without Google Ads simply won’t do.

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Combine Google PPC with effective SEO

PPC is about paying to place an ad on the Google search results page for your product or service for given search terms. SEO is all about organic search results.  With these powers combined, your ad is guaranteed high visibility on Google.

When your organic Google search competition is  high, you’re more likely going to require a more intensive and more nuanced Google Adwords approach in order to get you seen at the top of the page. And since more than 95% of Google users choose a business that is listed on the first page, you’re going to need a way of boosting your visibility. Basically, if you are operating in a highly competitive arena;  ‘if you’re not first you’re last’. That’s where the expertise of an agency comes in.

Benefits of an integrated approach:

  • We can reliably test what ad copy is more effective with your customer base on Google
  • Implement PPC data insight to manage your page’s title tag, meta description on organic Google listings
  • Utilise keyword reports from Google Ad campaigns to garner blog topics
  • Use Google PPC data to inform SEO actions
  • Employ remarketing ads + SEO to attract users and increase chance of conversions

Despite each approach having its own individual benefits, we will always recommend an integrated SEO and PPC strategy for Google, as we see it as the best way to see results improve over time.

SEO and PPC– they’re two sides of the same Google coin.

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An impressive data driven Google Ads management strategy

As a Google Partner Adwords agency, our team are Google Certified PPC experts, and we’ve got the know-how and experience in Google Adwords Management to back it up. That means we mean business when we say that your PPC money is no good unless you have a plan of attack in place.

Things we consider when crafting your bespoke master plan;

Relevant keywords/placements

Using keyword tools and market data to find the most relevant keyword opportunities people are typing into Google to find your products and services (display/YouTube and video advertising).

Your PPC competitors

Study the companies bidding on these keywords in Google AdWords. See who consistently is ranking at or near the top of the Google rankings, and what share of the available impressions they are getting. A campaign manager can tune your campaign for the optimal spend.

Your audience on Google

Where are customers buying and reviewing products, services, businesses like yours online? What are they talking about in product reviews?  What do they love/hate about your competition? We use our agency experience to get all these questions answered when researching your target market.

We blend know-how with our signature creativity

We consider what outcomes you’re after, and by using a winning combination of the following four factors, we manage an outcome that you’ll be grinning about from our Google Adwords Management:

Search Campaigns

“The bread and butter of Google’s advertising platform”.

The process of creatively constructing persuasive text-ad copy and bidding on Google search terms that are most likely to convert users.

Google Display Network

The second arm of Google’s ad platform: as opposed to text ads, the Google Display Network (GDN) is all about the placement of display/visual ads on Google’s website partners websites, giving you an extended reach of over 2 million sites. A campaign manager can advise if Google Display Network is a good fit for your situation.

Google Shopping Management

Allows Google AdWords advertisers to visually show their products above the SERP, allowing for quick decision making. By extension these also integrate with Google Merchant center, required for “near me” searches as well as other product integrations like Google Lens.

YouTube Advertising

Creating dynamic advertisements that display during or before YouTube content. These display as full length features or 6 second (unskippable) bumper ads to build your brand’s awareness.  We pick channels that match your content audience.

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How much should I invest in Google Adwords spend?

It really depends…

Google Adwords is less about paying a certain amount for a given product or service, and more about just how much you are willing to invest per month in PPC.  Although different markets will vary in their minimum bid amounts, as the old axiom goes; “you get out what you put in”, and this no more true than in the world of Google Adwords marketing.

Let’s say you’ve just begun a brand new career, leaving your old job to fulfil your dream of running a small business… You’ve got a sleek new website and sorted out your product line…What’s next?

Well, first we’d get to setting up your keywords and Google budgets.

This means figuring out exactly what kind of market you want to go after…defining your Google search terms is no easy feat, as the process requires a reasonable understanding of your market and your competitors. And, seeing as it costs you money every time someone clicks on your Google ad, you want to make sure your money is going as far as it possibly can.

[PLUG] There’s no point in spending PPC money on Google ads in a hyper-competitive market when you simply don’t have the budget to compete- which is why our Google Certified team are well-placed to work well within your budget to make sure your ads are getting the visibility they deserve.

Once your Google search terms and budgets are set, we then get to analysing the data.

As more people click on your Google ads, the more data you collect on what works and what doesn’t. As your presence grows, we develop a greater idea of how to best manage your ads, the markets and search terms you can go after, to get you the best ROI possible. Basically, we figure out what converts, and put your Google Ads budget to work there!

From there, you will start to form audiences and change your bids accordingly; perhaps more people convert on your Google ads served to mobile devices? In which case you spend more to be higher in those mobile search results and convert more often. Maybe you could be going after less competitive keywords on Google for the same outcome? We respond swiftly to that too. The end goal being that we use all the data available to manage you towards the most efficient, cost effective Google PPC campaign possible and reduce your cost per sale.

So, the real you should be asking is not; ‘ How much should I invest?’, rather ‘How important are leads to you?’

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Ripping Remarketing Agency

Some people find it pushy. We think it’s smart.

Remarketing is based on the idea of visibility; the more your ad is seen, the more it is likely to be clicked!  Although most often used in eCommerce, Google remarketing is a powerful way of enabling sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited your site.

Remarketing is a fantastic way of targeting potential customers, and provides a technique for you to close the loop on things like cart abandonment, or users visiting your site from Google or other means initially, but failing to manage to make an enquiry or purchase.

Some of the benefits of remarketing:

  • Cost effective way of improving your conversion rate
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improves ad relevance for consumers

As of 2018, customers who see and recognise retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website.

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Let us manage your Google campaign

We’ll spend your money where it matters.

Nearly every man and his dog is a Google Partner, but not every Adwords agency has the experience to design and manage a winning Google Ads campaign.

The Webfirm approach to Ads

By enlisting our Google Ads management services, you reap the rewards of a Google Certified team with a wide range of experience designing, running and maintaining PPC campaigns. Outside of bidding processes and the building of creative, we always strive to ensure the true value of Adwords through our uniquely bespoke approach to campaign management.

We guarantee the effective and successful management of your Google ads campaigns by the clinical application of the following:

Tagging and Reporting Management

  • Conversion setup during PPC campaign build and custom reporting dashboards
  • Ability to use all the areas in Google Adwords including Shopping, Remarketing, Search and Video depending on your needs.
  • Ability to distil the right management approach for each client. No one size fits all.
  • Tag your website effectively (or audit existing tagging)
  • Link with Google Analytics and report (no vanity metrics)


  • We guide you through the whole Agency reporting interface.
  • Demographic data analysis
  • Full transparency on the management of your ads

Needs targeting

  • Audience Management
  • Analyse and A/B test audiences based on the requirements to manage
  • Adwords Bidding process

We want to find out more about your business and how we can best help you. Get in touch with our team of Google Certified Adwords specialists today or read one of our impressive case studies.

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