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Data-Driven Content Marketing with a Difference

Content marketing is the delivery of a wide range of media across an array of platforms designed to educate you, your audience and your customers. This isn’t some half-arsed approach either- it is targeted, backed by research and executed with comprehensive strategies so that you can reach your end goal- to reach, influence, and sell more.

Businesses that consistently create high-quality content of all forms containing pertinent information are seen as resources, and customers are more likely to buy from companies they feel are helpful.

Built from the ground up for your audiences, our Melbourne agency speaks your language, your way. No matter where in Australia or the world you’re located, our specialists can deliver content marketing services that attract the right kind of attention.

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Data-Driven Content Marketing with a Difference

This is an opportunity to tie in all forms of content to your overall digital marketing strategy. With the strategic application of various forms of content, our specialists can better your market position, reach and brand identity.

We treat each and every project we take on as unique. Tailoring the content and the pricing of our content marketing services ensures that you’re always getting precisely the service your business needs to succeed.

Before you begin your content marketing journey with us, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions…

The kind of business you own and your brand identity should always inform and drive your content marketing.

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Our Content Marketing Process

Here’s how we’ve been successfully approaching our clients’ content marketing needs for more than two decades

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    Thorough Competitor Research

    Eclipse your competitors – what works for your competitors can provide valuable insights into what your market is looking for. If you already have an existing site, we will identify gaps and strengths relative to your competitors

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    Entities and Expertise

    What are the concepts, topics, and ideas that are relevant to your customers? Our research identifies and actions them so that your content can answer your users’ questions completely. Your users should be able to trust that your content is authoritative, and Google tends to reward that.

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    Identifying Search Intent

    Not all customers are equally ready to buy your product/service. Some require more education, while some have already made their decision. Your content should provide for all stages of user readiness. We identify patterns in search queries that match these intents, and write content for them.

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    Keyword Research

    Not all keywords are created equal. Some are much more difficult to rank for, and some aren’t very popular. Regardless, the most important part of a keyword strategy is that it is relevant to both you and your customer. The end goal is doing business, not empty traffic. Our Melbourne team ensures the keyword strategy we recommend is aligned with your business goals.

Still On The Fence?

A successful content marketing campaign requires skill, experience, solid research, huge amounts of data and effective writing capabilities.

And, despite what some other agencies might say, a ‘one and done’ approach will almost certainly prove ineffective over any given length of time. That’s why our expert content specialists invest a lot of time and effort into making sure your content marketing campaign is as effective as it possibly can be, always designed with the end goal of getting your business more leads and sales, all the while, making it interesting.

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