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Good content is the key to a successful SEO strategy

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Optimising your website to attract strong traffic that will convert readily to sales involves a range of disciplines. More and more, the search engines are using techniques and algorithms to detect and reward sites with engaging content marketing strategies – at the expense of those that contain poorly written, repetitive copy and visual content.

Ranking is only the beginning…

Of course getting the search rankings you want is only the start – once you have attracted a visitor, inferior photography and audio-visual content – slow to load and poorly displayed – is a sure way to have them clicking past you in their droves. Add to that the growing importance of blogging and Social Media in driving traffic to your site, and the case for getting expert help with your content marketing couldn’t be clearer. Our team at Webfirm includes experts in all these disciplines.

Relevant, Informative, Well-written…

Our copywriters have proven success – both in writing website content and in blog post creation. Whatever style your business requires – formal, chatty, informative, entertaining or a blend of all – we have the writers you need.

Visual Content

It’s vital that your site has a look and feel that’s unique to your brand; that pleases the eye and inspires confidence in your visitors. If it doesn’t, you have little chance of converting them from visitors to customers. Professionally produced photography is crucial. Images should complement and support the message you want to convey, but not be so striking that they distract the visitor’s eye from it. The photographers we use are specialists in their fields, producing images that are perfectly suited to their purpose and – crucially – not slowing down your site.

Social Media Management

There are still a few business sectors for which social media have little relevance, but the list grows smaller every day. The likelihood is that, whether you know it or not, your competitors are finding that a well-managed social media campaign, usually including a program of blog posts, is helping them steal your customers!

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