Content Marketing

Copywriting is pretty damn important, but without content marketing you may as well be writing a letter that never gets sent. However, through outreach, link building and even email marketing, your letter won’t just be sent to its original recipient, it will be sent to a whole bunch of people who are interested in its content.

To ensure your content is making waves in the online sphere, it needs to do the following:

Content Marketing Starts with Great Content!
If it’s well-written, informative, includes data and plenty of visual elements like infographics, people will be falling over themselves trying to share your content.

Let’s Get Social
Social media and content creation goes hand-in-hand with one another. Your blog posts should be social friendly, and your social media posts should link to your website content; they’re two peas from the same pod.

Email Marketing
Apart from your social media profiles, email marketing is a great way to take advantage of your existing database to get your content in front of a larger audience.

Link Building
We’ll help you publish killer content and then we’ll encourage the masses to link back to it, which will help build up your backlink profile. How do we do this, well, outreach, of course!

For content to go viral, it needs to be shared. We’ll research your business, reach out to peak industry websites and help you get your content shared across a number of sites and social media accounts. In doing so, your content and business will get more exposure, more website traffic and an increased number of conversions.

If you’re keen to take your content to the next level, contact us today!