Think you can get by without SEO? Think again.

Simply put, we’re the SEO experts: creating lasting, goal focused SEO campaign strategy for both enterprise and small businesses in Melbourne and beyond.

Every business is unique, so your SEO strategy services will also need to be.  We take a tailored, bespoke approach to give you the best advice for your business in your industry. We believe that approach is the reason behind our success, driving impressive outcomes up there with our Melbourne SEO agency competitors.

Keeping up with analysing the change in Google’s dynamic SEO algorithmic signals is one hell of a job. Knowing what to target with our strategies and how to do it is another. Our seasoned SEO specialists conduct thorough technical site audits, strategic backlink audits, industry analysis and keyword research for your business.

That, armed with best practice, experience and expertise, our goal is to increase your relevant organic traffic, visibility and increase the metrics that matter to you – lead generation through a winning search engine optimization strategy.

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Our SEO Strategy

Our goals are your goals. The aim of SEO: to get found, be seen, and drive revenue.

An effective strategy can leverage your competitors and future-proof your business. When done right, SEO is hands-down the most cost-effective strategic marketing strategy.

The Fundamentals of a Successful SEO Strategy

How do we do it?

  • Technical SEO audit of your site
  • Ensure your site is indexable and crawlable
  • Insight into search intent from keyword research services
  • Industry/competitor analysis
  • Content Development services
  • Extensive citation, social proof and backlink outreach
  • Set up your analytics, Search Console and Google Tag Manager
  • Ongoing, transparent reporting of results
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What Is SEO Marketing?

SEO marketing is the fundamental aim of making your website as visible as possible to drive relevant traffic from web searches…that’s it. Sounds simple, right? Wrong.

Google (the papa bear of search engines) loves to move the goalposts.

Google’s algorithm consists of bots or “crawlers”. Sounds like the beginnings of a plot to a C-grade horror movie, starring Stephen Baldwin. But these bots crawl all the websites on the internet, looking to gather information and assess where to rank your site and your pages.

This information is then digested in such a way that determines the relevance, usefulness, and overall quality of the page. This is the foundation upon which the search experience is built.

Code for a Web Site

Technical SEO Audit

Your site might look great, but under the hood could tell a whole different story.

Our technical SEO audits comprise of three main components to answer three very important questions. How does your site stack up to your competitors? Is your site performing well? What’s helping or threatening your site externally in terms of SEO?

How does your site stack up to your competitors?

  • Domain Authority
  • Trust
  • Site penalties
  • Branded KWs
  • Site Link Results
  • Titles, KW in the URL, H1 tags, Meta Description
  • Calls to action
  • Benchmarking your Competitor’s KWs (finding opportunities to surpass)
  • Competitor website traffic

Is your site performing well?

  • Valid SSL Certificate
  • Robots.txt
  • Page Speed throughout your Website
  • Mobile friendliness / Mobile First Indexing
  • SEO Keyword Planning
  • Crawling Errors
  • Site Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Internal Links
  • URL Canonicalisation

What’s helping or threatening your site externally?  

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Our SEO Strategy Services

We pride ourselves in our custom approach to every single one of our SEO clients. But even with this tried and tested method, some aspects of the process will always remain the same.

Initial SEO Consultation

We aim to understand your business goals, your current SEO situation and agree a strategy and implementation plan that’s in line with where you want your valuable property to be, both on the SERPs and in terms of revenue.

Strategic Approach

Your Account Manager and SEO Specialist will work usually on a monthly cadence, to recommend a program of work, the expected outcomes over time, and gather any feedback that’s needed from your end.

White-Hat & Best Practice

Why? You shouldn’t need to ask. But as part of an ASX listed group and with 19 years in the industry, we know that the long term success of our both our clients and therefore we as an agency rely on having transparency and integrity to our approach.

SEO Education

If you can’t explain it simply, then do you don’t understand it at all. We guide you throughout this process so we can work together to achieve results. The best results come from working together to achieve common goals. We’ll also educate you on SERP Personalization so you can understand why everyone doesn’t see the same results – and the opportunities that come with it.


We know you want to ask… how much does this all cost? The short answer is that we would need to talk to discuss your unique situation, and that our fees scale in line with the effort required to meet your objectives. That’s not a dodge, that’s just us being honest. Even though we work a digital industry, we always prefer to do business face-to-face, or over the phone. And to get a good idea of pricing, we’d need to have a chat first.

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Local SEO is all about community.

How often have you found yourself searching for a specific product or service in Google, adding ‘near me’ at the end of the search phrase?

As it turns out, a lot of people do.

[Did you know?] Roughly 45% of Google searches are for local services, products or amenities – Search Engine Journal.

We leverage the following tools to ensure your website is optimised for local Google searches, getting you seen by your local community.

  • Niche Topic & Keyword Targeting
  • Writing Content, creating content that understand the purchasing journey
  • Your Business’s Brand and creating authority
  • Google
  • My Business and locality search
  • Local Ranking Factors – Structured Data
  • Strategy around Business Ratings & Reviews
  • Business Community Link Sharing

Our Process

  • Understand Your Business and your community to determine your objectives, what your main pain points are and how your local customers find you.
  • Gather Information: gaining access to your analytics, search console, tag manager, google my business, bing webmaster, so we can understand the story behind your data.
  • Benchmarking Your Data is a process of taking a snapshot to base your current position and give a strategic framework to measure your success.
  • Build Your Strategy Plan considering your information supplied and your business pain points (leveraging your competitors, lead generation, building your brand).
  • Ongoing Documentation of the findings yielded from our analysis of your core issues found.
  • List of Top Recommendations for expected improvements, what it should achieve and how to fix the issues.
  • Implementation of our recommendations by our team of experts or by consultation to your in-house marketing team.
  • Reviews and Reporting we establish a timeline to periodically report our progress of improvements with further recommendations.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to take care of your local search needs, remember we’re about as local as a deconstructed, melon-infused cold-drip and a $33 breakfast.

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Get seen with a National SEO campaign

A comprehensive National SEO campaign is a long-term investment that can make a huge impact on your business’ ROI.

A typical work plan for a National SEO campaign may include:

  • Ensuring users in different regions find the relevant service
  • Topic & Keyword Targeting
  • Writing Content & How To Get Your Business Found
  • Your Business’s Brand
  • Google My Business
  • Structured Data
  • Business Ratings & Reviews
  • Business Community Link Sharing
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Conquer new markets with superior International SEO

Want to maximise your reach into overseas search audiences?

International SEO is the strategic methodology of rolling out your SEO campaigns to different countries, to make sure your website, product, and/or services can be seen, accessed and searched in all relevant markets; covering all your bases to maximise ROI on an international level.

Key characteristics of a killer International SEO campaign:

  • Domain structure
  • Hreflang attribute
  • Which search engines use attribute
  • Redirecting users (manual, automatic GEO IP and when to not redirect)
  • Pop-up redirects
  • Googlebot indexing other versions of the site

How do you know if your SEO efforts are working?

Our reporting and communication is more transparent than a windexed glasshouse so you’ll hopefully never have to ask this question. But just in case…

Simple questions should have simple answers.

Through a transparent and accountable process, we establish your goals, increase your conversions and report on any changes to your rankings. So you know you’re in capable hands.

When algorithm updates occur, it can alter the rankings for a given web page. Proactive SEO is a great way of making sure you have plans in place in case of any updates. We make sure of this through:

  • Accurate reporting
  • Diagnosing of issues
  • Finding & fixing both common and not-so-common errors

SEO is a living, breathing process. As Google’s algorithm changes, so does our approach.

The never-ending journey to make the search experience more user-friendly, means that the Google ranking algorithm is always trying to make the user’s experience better.

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