Conversion-oriented bespoke web design

Through a creative and innovative approach to bespoke web design, we help your business establish a brand, grow your market and delight your visitors, all the while optimising the user’s experience for the ultimate goal: conversions.

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What is web design?

Take a look at a website. Any website.

**(Nearly) EVERYTHING the light touches** comes under the banner of Web Design.

Our strategy is simple.

Custom Design Websites.

Our web design experts deliver highly visually engaging sites, combining an intense focus on your brand identity with a drive toward your marketing goals. By combining superior taste and feel, with industry best practice UX/UI considerations, you’ll get more traffic, more leads and sales.

Designing functional, smooth, good looking websites sit at the core of what we do here at Webfirm, but when you love what you do, the results can be breathtaking! From coming up with the initial concept, to the planning stages, to the building of the website itself; in order for the end result to be the best it can be, careful and expert considerations need to be made in every stage of the process…

And that’s exactly what we do.

We’re not big on templates, we prefer creativity.

We take great pride in our bespoke approach to web design, as we have always supported the idea that a unique, stylish, user-friendly custom built website can both act as another critical arm of your business, and also drive conversions and sales.

Q. Is there going to be a difference in price between a cookie-cutter template and a custom website build?

A. Yeah, probably. But we’d rather not compromise on quality. You’ll thank us in the long run.

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Specialists in responsive web design

Remember 2013, when mobile-friendly design was the bee’s knees? The world seemed different back then. The iPhone was only a couple of years old. These days, specialise in custom responsive web design, because like Google, we understand that users want to (and rightfully so!) be able to have a great search experience on any device they choose!

“What’s responsive web design!?” (roars the crowd)
Glad you asked.

Responsive web design means engineering a website to fit any given screen-size; desktop, tablet, mobile phone, even your Commodore 64 (seriously…here’s how) (probably not your Commodore 64). As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s device preference. This also means that should any new device screen sizes burst onto the market, you’re not left with a website that can’t compete, and another website design bill that you simply didn’t need.

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SEO & responsive web design

A carefully considered, custom built, sleek & responsive website is incredibly important if you’re looking to increase your search engine rankings. Google’s bots are perennially crawling your website looking for ways to mark up or down pages, depending on how much attention you’ve paid to making the user’s experience as best as it can be.

Want to know a few web design factors that affect SEO? We’ve got you.

Design Factors Impacting SEO

Bounce Rate: You should always be aiming to decrease your bounce rate. This basically refers to the rate at which people leave your page without browsing further; a good bounce rate means a user stays on your site longer, whereas a bad one often means the user has had a poor experience, and has left to look elsewhere for something more useful.

Turns out this is also a huge factor for SEO, as Google will often rank site higher in the SERP if you provide the kind of experience a given user is looking for. Responsive web design plays a huge role, as a responsive browsing experience is likely to keep the user on your site for longer!

User Experience (or UX): This is the discipline which deals with how easy/or well-laid out a website is- without responsive web design, if a potential customer was to change from a desktop to mobile, only to find that they had to pinch and zoom, scroll ungodly lengths of web pages to get the information they are looking for, they’re outta there- left your page for one of your competitors. Simple as that.

Mobile First Indexing: Mid-2018 saw Google switch to Mobile-first indexing. Since, for the very first time, more Google searches were initiated on mobile devices (51.3% in fact) than on desktop computers, we’ve now entered the age of Mobile device dominance and if your web page is only designed to be looked at on a desktop, this will affect your SEO.

screenshot of Metro Canteens website

Website design packages

When searching around for an agency to help build their website, it’s common for businesses to look for website design packages, but does your business fit neatly into a package?

In our experience, if you want to succeed, break out of the idea of finding the perfect pre-set package, and talk to us about tailoring a custom websites suit your unique business.

That said, when you come to us for a website quote, here’s what to expect;

Design consultation – get a chance to speak to your design team about your requirements so that your needs don’t get lost in translation.

Creative design – whether the designer uses Sketch, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or any other package, you want to know that your custom website design is being completed from scratch by a professional. On request, we provide layered files to our clients too so you can keep your unique work for the lifetime of your website.

Stock photography – it’s not always possible to have the perfect bespoke photo for each page or situation, so you’ll need access to stock photography. As a Webfirm client, we can make stock photos available to you from our agency subscriptions.

Development – your website needs development to turn it from a flat design into a functioning website. Coding up your blog functionality, flexible content blocks, product catalogues and any e-commerce functionality takes some time but the interactivity is what will have your visitors coming back for more.

Hosting – every website needs a home, which is why we also service a managed WordPress hosting service so you can leave all your hosting worries to us and focus on running your business.

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