Hi Tim! What do you do at Webfirm?

I’m part of our IT team at Webfirm that manages our ever-expanding client hosting infrastructure (email, websites, DNS, etc). When I’m not handing any computer related issues our business have such as; Outlook isn’t working or a website is not showing up correctly, I try and find ways in which automation can help alleviate the workload of my fellow employees. They are little puzzles, with the end goal of making everyone’s life a little easier.

If you weren’t in your current role at Webfirm, what would you like to do?

If I was asked this question three years ago I’d probably say the same job at another company. Over the last two years I’ve found a love for DevOps, which is the new IT buzzword for the tools to help you completely automate servers. Probably something to do with that. Or you know, becoming a professional gamer/streamer/YouTube content creator. Or starting my own webhosting company.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Melbourne?

Anywhere in Melbourne? There are too many good choices. Anywhere that serves a good burger. Because who doesn’t love a burger?

You’re a big gamer, what’s your favourite?

Lately, I’ve been playing Cities Skylines, which is a city planning and building type game (just like SimCity). Spending multiple hours fixing traffic issues, adding extra lanes, getting the on and off ramps just perfect, all while listening to an amazing soundtrack. That’s my kind of afternoon. Wait what was the question again? Oh right, My favourite would be Counter Strike, or if I am in transit, Nethack (I’ll get the amulet one day!).

When are you going to see someone about that soft drink addiction?

I think I’m dealing with it pretty well.

Your job seems pretty stressful, how do you stay so calm under pressure?

See previous question.
Jokes aside, dealing with pressure is something that doesn’t just happens overnight. Being able to breathe and assess a situation is your first step in dealing with a problem. Something that my co-workers have taught me well.

If you had to move to another country to live, where would you move to?

Australia is pretty amazing, but I could easily move to Japan. Tokyo was amazing whilst I was there. I think I need to go back. I wonder if there are any deals right … *disappears*

What’s the most common IT problem you get? And what’s the quickest fix for it?

Not looking at anyone in particular in the office… (you know who you are :P) But the good old ‘turning it on and off again’ fixes a fair chunk of issues.

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