Google Panda update and your website’s Google rankings

The Google search spam group has been very busy planning the updates of both Panda and Penguin for 2013. Most of us are not surprised at all, as Google update their algorithm frequently. Small updates aren’t a problem, but when big updates come people begin to panic, particularly if their websites aren’t following the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) standards.

Google Panda explained

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is an update released by Google that measures the quality of websites. The Panda update, first released in February 2011, lowers the Google rankings of sites with low quality scores, and increases the Google rankings of sites with high quality scores.

Panda launch

According to Matt Cutts head of webspam at Google the Panda update should have been launched on Friday 15thor Monday 18th of March. Although Google is unlikely to confirm this as Panda updates will no longer be officially announced. We are not sure 100% what this Panda update is going to look like, but if you have any insider information, please feel invited to post a comment below. Panda updates are going to keep happening and we have to face up to them and stay unharmed. How to do it? Read on…

The Panda updates so far…

Google has released 23 updates so far, with the first happening on 24 February 2011 and the latest on 18th March 2013. Thousands of websites were hit by the very first Panda update, and businesses lost more than half their traffic. However, the following Panda updates were smaller and less intense, and so no unexpected things happen. Website owners and webmasters should get used to Panda updates, as Google seems committed to making the updates a continuous process.

How do we stay out of Panda’s way?

The Panda Victims

Ever since the first update, people have been striving to figure out what the updates affect. According to an interview of Matt Cutts, the following areas could be the victims of Panda updates:

The Solutions

To make sure your website is not going to get hit by Panda updates, here are the things you could do:

What do you think the upcoming Google Panda update is going to be like? Let us know in your thoughts…

Google Panda Summary:

Google is has just released its latest Panda update. It is apparently not a big update like the first one back in 2011, and so chances are your website is not going too be hit hard. However, it is still very important to check a few things:

Avoid being hit by Panda

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