Have you ever wondered what people are actually searching for on Google? Well, a former Google employee spills the beans on our deepest, darkest secrets!

Keeping pace with Google’s search algorithm updates is necessary at all times  for all website owners who are intent on gaining a solid reputation and ending up on the first SERP.

Consequently, the situation demands that a new set of SEO updates be implemented into these websites to meet the new, ever-rising criteria. It takes time, knowledge, experience and thorough thinking to be able to come up with the best strategy not to trigger these strict Google search algorithm updates and risk losing high position on search engine result rankings.

Here is the list of the latest Google search algorithm updates and 7 priceless SEO-related tricks you should know about.

#1 Google Panda

To meet Google Panda’s high requirements for better ranking results, it is compulsory to pay close attention to the quality of content on your website.

Panda will significantly affect your high rank should you start providing users with thin or unhelpful, low-quality content. Being an expert in measuring the worth of websites, Google will not allow any incompetence. In addition, copying large chunks of text or rewriting texts from other websites will, by all means, be penalised with a decrease in organic ranking.

person using Google Analytics
Pay close attention to the quality of content on your website and run website checks regularly to identify possible issues.

SEO updates offering favourable solutions to avoiding the impact of Panda are simple. They include a continuous check of website pages for the purpose of discovering those which cause issues. In case you lack the necessary experience or knowledge to complete this task successfully, let professionals analyse your website. They always have a favourable solution at hand.

#2 Google Penguin

Penguin assesses websites according to their link profilesA link profile that will definitely launch your website to the top position on search rankings and prevent the negative influence of Penguin involves:

SEO updates offer these strategies to solve Penguin-related problems:

#3 Google Pigeon

With the appearance of Google Pigeon, the distance between the business location and the user became one of the ranking criteria. Understandably, the influence of geography is beyond the influence of SEO updates, but there are certain steps website owners can take to reach top ranking positions nevertheless.

Firstly, they should strive to provide users with high-quality content which is related to the location. Secondly, the location should be included in keyword phrases as much as possible. Finally, they should create listings on business directories and include these on their own websites as well. This explains why an experienced and knowledgeable SEO copywriter can help your business grow. The only condition to reach this goal is simply keeping a record of SEO updates and implementing them accordingly.

#4 Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird has initiated the beginning of a semantic search.

Although it does not directly influence the rank of a website, it improves the search process on the whole. The primary aim of this Google update is to make website owners think, ask themselves and answer the questions:

question mark on whiteboard
Knowing what users want and providing that in the form they expect requires expertise in the field.

Then, it is crucial to define the keyword correctly and surround it with the content which contains detailed, in-depth, useful pieces of information. If searching for keywords causes any difficulties, there are some smart solutions among keyword research strategies guaranteed to improve your rankings.

#5 Google Payday Loan

Google Payday Loan aims at removing all those low-quality backlinks form search result rankings. To avoid being affected by it, make sure you always scan your backlink portfolio in search of those backlinks which might cause issues. In addition, it is advisable to remove all those do-follow links containing the following:

When a website, however, triggers Payday Loan, the only solution is to cease immediately with the SEO activities which have caused this problem and provide valuable and helpful content to the users instead.

#6 Google Mobilegeddon

The appearance of Mobilegeddon was influenced by the continuous need to improve the users’ experience when they observe websites on small screens. Suddenly, being mobile or tablet-friendly became a valid criterion in determining the search result ranking. What solutions do SEO updates offer to optimize websites for Mobilegeddon? Here are some answers:

laptop, tablet and mobile
Being mobile or tablet-friendly has become a valid criterion in determining the search result ranking.

#7 Google Fred

This Google update has been created to make a positive user experience a valid criterion for determining the search engine result ranking. It is triggered by aggressive advertising, poor user experience, and low-quality content. SEO updates offering a solution to this issue suggest creating optimized, competitive content that is beneficial to users.

To clear away any doubts or difficulties you might have while achieving this, address Movers Development and you will be provided with constructive pieces of advice by trustworthy experts in the field.

The volatility which characterizes Google criteria for determining the top ranked websites in search engine results influences the appearance of SEO updates that can meet the necessary requirements and yet help websites keep their high positions. Consequently, it is crucial for website owners to follow trends at all times and prepare to answer the challenges accordingly. When they know how an update affects their website, they can start the search for suitable strategies they can implement.

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