Importance of Blogging in 2013

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The hub of your content marketing, blogging, has become very essential across the web in today’s online environment. Now, there might a host of reasons why you would be blogging: to give you a competitive edge in SEO, to build your brand, to provide value to others, to establish yourself as an author or to connect with clients directly. Moreover, blogging lets you learn about yourself, the audience and the world. Still if you think the days of blogging are gone now that 2013 is here, you are mistaken my friend.

Why blogging is so important for businesses…

Reason #1:

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, there is no better way than blogging. There is evidence that people who actively blog ended up with almost 7 times more traffic to their site. And, as you might already know, more traffic means more leads. Remember, readers want more content than you think; so why don’t you give it to them?

Reason #2:

Public relations have always been an important factor for brand identity. Blogging allows you far more flexibility than door-to-door campaigns, of course, or any other activity. Blogging appears to be the best one-to-one communication because it represents free advice & builds trust, and it improves the communal understanding between you and your customers – an important factor for thriving business.


Active blogging has a number of aspects to consider, such as composing, drafting, tagging, maintaining and rating etc. It might be a lot of work and time-consuming. It would be a good idea to hand over the task to Webfirm, a leading web designing and developing company in Australia. They will make the whole thing a piece of cake for you.


Reason #3:

To be successful in business, especially online business you have to build trust with the client. People are very unlikely to buy anything without a test drive. Yet, Amazon sells thousands of products every day and customers do not even test drive. Why? Reputation. Blogs can be very helpful when it comes to establishing your business as credible and authentic. A professional blog design, presence in the social network, posts with perfect grammar and useful information, and consistency go a long way.

Reason #4:

A blog could be your online press. Whenever you are planning to release a new product or service in the market, you could post some information about that on your blog beforehand to create excitement among the customers, and over time you could go on with updating details. Being very inexpensive, blogging could benefit both the business owners and the potential clients.


Team blogging proves very effective for increased productivity. You will have multiple bloggers (your staff for example) from different fields of knowledge and group them into different teams. Commenting on your blog is important, no matter if it is from Facebook or other sources. Blog images should be used in every blog post you make. Be careful with copyright infringement, though. They say an image is worth a thousand words. You can have Webfirm do all the tasks necessary to build an active and productive blog for your business.


Reason #5:

Active blogging can help you keep up with competitors in the industry. Now that many businesses have a blog of their own, why don’t you? Moreover, you get to know what customers have to say about a product or service you have released. You can build your business on that. It might, however, take time.

So, invest in something that pays off in the long run, and blogging sites are a perfect example.

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