Why you need to care about local search (aka Why you need Google Places)

Online marketing techniques change constantly, and marketers are constantly up-skilling on current methods. New tools are being developed every day and understanding the ever-changing consumer behaviour (the holy grail of any marketing activity) is almost a fulltime job in itself.

As a small/medium business you’re probably inundated with information about new services, new tools, new updates, new features and new things everyone thinks you should be aware of. It can be overwhelming and sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

Google is king of the online world, and with the recent changes to their local search platform ‘Google Places’ having an optimised ‘Places’ page is now essential for most online businesses.

In case you missed the memo, Google Place Pages was first released a few months ago in late 2010, and you should seriously consider bookmarking your brand on this platform.

Search Engines are one of the most popular services on the Internet today – 40% of all Internet usage are people searching on Search Engines.

With more and more websites online, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way people make decisions – using search engines such as Google are now a major part of the purchase process. And with Google showing local results even when a user doesn’t specifically ask for them, means that Places pages are needed in maintaining and improving your position on the platform.

By improving your website’s position in Google you can increase the amount of qualified traffic to your website over time.

Having an optimised Google Places page means it’s a one stop shop for your consumer – and while it may mean they won’t go to your website, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how a user finds your contact information, it’s the fact they found it which is important.

Benefits of Google Places include:

  • Be found: Google Places increases the chance of being found in the Google Search Results
  • Stand out: Engage customers with photos, public responses and more
  • Get insights: Use info about your listing to make smarter business decisions

Google Places also feature:

  • Dashboard to monitor your performance
  • Ability to editing your page on an adhoc basis
  • Ability to add photos and videos about your products and services
  • Reviews of your Business

With website growth of 7% in 2010 (with 24.1 million new websites and a total of 255 million websites on the Internet) 1. You really need to have as much presence as you can online.

Webfirm will not only create and submit your Google Places page; we will optimise it so that it is specifically aimed at your target audience.

We’ll make sure you page is targeting the key categories and keywords that your audience is using, as well as making it stand out with relevant photos of your business and services, and find reviews from real consumers to help you stand out amongst your online peers.

So, increase your online presence with a Google Places listing today, contact Webfirm to find out more.


1 State of the Internet

Image credit leyla.a on Flickr