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Marketers rely on accurate data to gain insight into what will make or break your marketing campaigns, and without it, you might as well be fumbling around in the dark….

So, to help you make sense of the sea of noise out there, our team is offering access to our know-how and experience, so you can put your budget to good use. Here’s what you get:

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  • Our data experts get in touch with you
  • We set up Google Analytics with correct views
  • Integration with Search Console
  • Check your filtering
  • Set up Google Tag Manager on your site
  • Goggle Analytics event tracking setup
  • Video check-in with our team to demonstrate and discuss performance
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Access to clean, accurate data is just a click away

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We’ll setup your Google Analytics

Data needs to be accurate. For you to make the best business decisions for your company, clean data is a must. Our Google Analytics setup will make sure that spam, data from bots, visits from your business IP and other false traffic aren’t being collected. Get visibility on how many users that contact you are genuinely leads and which pages are genuinely engaging humans.

We’re Google Tag Manager masters!

We are experts in Google Tag Manager implementation. Google Tag Manager offers the best way to customise tracking specific to your website and offers a one-stop-shop to run all your tracking through in the future. Read more about our Google Tag Manager competency.

Meaningful event tracking

Our event tracking setup will include tracking phone calls made on site, email addresses clicked, form submissions and document downloads*. These metrics combined with other data will give you a base to see where improvements need to be made to your site to get the desired conversion rate. We’ll also adjust your bounce rate tracking to give you an accurate return of how many people really are finding your content useful.

Meaningful insights that can only come from experience

After your new and improved tracking has been running for a few weeks we’ll have a check in to take you through what has been tracked and what insights can be inferred from the data collected. Insights might include where users are leaving your site, if your bounce rate is actually a problem, if the conversion rates on your forms are reasonable or if certain pages of the site need attention.

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At $495, we believe you will get amazing value for marketing analytics you can build your decision making on.

We’ve got a combined 55+ years experience working to help our clients achieve their success, so you can trust Webfirm to get it right.

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