Webfirm have taken care of our digital marketing needs now for almost 10 years. Obviously, the digital marketing world is extremely competitive, and we have had numerous competitors vying for our business over the years, but we can honestly say we have never been tempted to change. This is due to the excellent personalised service Webfirm has provided. For us, having been in business for years before it became the norm to have websites, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook etc it was imperative to engage people we could trust to take care of our needs.

People who are expert in their field, who don’t oversell, who are prepared to advise when changes or upgrades are needed, who are accessible and listen to concerns and who are willing to learn about our industry so that we can have more meaningful conversations. The fact that I speak to my Account Manager, Social Media Manager and Copywriter at least once a month is extremely reassuring. These are real people – a real team who are looking after our interests in what otherwise could be a very impersonal, daunting digital world.

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